No Rain…No Flowers

I started this morning standing in my PJs, coffee in hand, watching the rain as it poured out of the sky in sheets and bounced off the asphalt making mirrors in my driveway.  So beautiful, but so wet!  Clearly there would be no going for a walk and no gardening happening today. That left me... Continue Reading →


Quilt Canada – Eye Candy for Grownups

Whew, I cannot believe its past the middle of June already.  And what a month its been.  We went from "wet spring weather" to the "middle of summer" in the blink of an eye. Yikes.  The rhubarb is almost past its prime...all our window boxes are starting to sparkle...our veggie garden is planted and little... Continue Reading →

This is my "Curated Quilts Star mini-quilt challenge" entry.  IMHO, its quite simple and quite simply beautiful. It suits me perfectly.  I hope you like it too. Did you do something creative today?  

May Bee Yes

Holy Heck Hermione, how can it possibly be May already?  I love it when Spring actually gets here and decides to stay, don't you? FYI, here in eastern Canada, spring doesn't usually breeze in until mid-May.  Its gonna be a couple days before the trees start to turn that wonderful chartreuse-y green color; but already... Continue Reading →

I love Canada Post

It is absolutely a very good, wonderful, really awesome day. Instead of the usual assortment of bills, flyers and coupons that fills my mailbox, this is what was waiting for me when I peeked inside today. YAY! YES YES YES, it is a Quantum FQ bundle by Guicy Guice.  Its just so ahhhsome.  It makes... Continue Reading →

Well I'm not gonna lie, it feels good to be able to say with just the tiniest bit of snootyness in my voice,  "Please DO come to the Grand Opening of my Exhibit at the Eptek Centre on Sunday"... not that I haven't spoken in a somewhat snooty voice before, but OMG this time, there is actually... Continue Reading →

Trinket SAL – First 2 weeks done

Are you sewing along with Alison Glass in the Trinket SAL?  I jumped in right at the beginning and  I'm loving it.  If you're following along on Instagram or Facebook, you must be thoroughly ahhhstruck by the tiny trinkets being put together by people all over the Quilty Universe. I chose to use mostly Sun... Continue Reading →

SEW Much Fun

Have you ever gone to a quilting retreat?  If not, put it on your "Must do" list.  Our PEIMQG's first annual quilting retreat just wrapped up yesterday after lunch.  I think I can speak for everyone there when I say it was an absolute,  complete  and perfect success. Do you want to know what makes... Continue Reading →

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