May – I make another Mini

Hello people in the Quilty universe.  How are you holding up? Hubby and I are still hanging on and hanging out at our house.  Its almost the end of May and  there is the tiniest little glimmer of light on the horizon.  The folks in charge here on PEI are opening the bridge to off-island... Continue Reading →

Dalgona Coffee – you gotta try this!

I'm pretty sure this recipe has been around in the blogosphere for at least 100 years because things are usually that old before I notice them. BUT, OMGoodness, this is just as deelishus  as anything you will pay $4 for at  Starbucks or Timmy's.  Guaranteed. Here is the recipe.  It makes enough for at least... Continue Reading →

Simple Shapes = Fabulous Finishes

Do you sometimes have a vision dancing around in your head about a quilt block you want to make, but cannot find a pattern?  Have you ever considered the possibility of creating your own simple pattern? I do it all the time! And, I'm a huge fan of simple shapes turning into marvellous "makes".  So,... Continue Reading →

I’ve got Connections.

Holy OMGoodness, its mid-April already.  How are you holding up?  Me, I'm having good days with the occasional bad moments.  On the whole, I have absolutely nothing to complain family is fine, my friends are fine and according to all the news, my region of Canada is fine.  But having said that, there are... Continue Reading →

My Marvellous March Mini

Its almost the end of March and time for the latest stop on my personal "Mini-a-month" odyssey.   Before I unveil it, I want to say that I have been spending a lot of time while I'm  "sheltering at home" wandering around on Pinterest and my March Mini was definitely influenced by a beautiful quilt... Continue Reading →

Put a Heart on It!

Its February and I'm feeling LOVE-ly.  It's a feeling and its definitely in the air here at my house.  So much so that I was struck with the desire to drop everything and make a Heart Mini Quilt.  And...then just to prove there is no such thing as a coincidence, Kim over at Persimon Dreams challenged everyone... Continue Reading →

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