Say hello to “Try Angles”, a Community Outreach Quilt for 2022.

Here at the PEIMQG we are sew proud to give back to our community. One of our favourite ways to do this is by taking part in the Annual QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt Challenge. Its definitely a win/win for us. We get to hang out together as a group to sew on Saturdays in the fall…and then we get to donate a finished “one of a kind” quilt to a local organization.

We have risen to this challenge for several years now; and each time we have showcased an original idea brought forward by one of our members. This year we are piecing a quilt based on an idea from our own Cathy Lumsden-Victor. (You may know her as an accomplished quilt designer and contributor to Make Modern Magazine….yes, we are very lucky to have someone with her quilt savvy in our group).

But before I go to much further, I’ll let you know a thing or two about this challenge. Here is an excerpt from the QuiltCon website.

Theme: Angles

Angles come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees. While some are more pointed you can also find others that almost seem to flatten out.

You’ll find right angles in most quilts, so the challenge this year is to feature angles that are not 90º in your quilt. Acute or obtuse, let the angles be the focus of the quilt, instead of simply the place where blocks meet.

Get inspired by a few examples from previous QuiltCon shows, and start planning with your group!

Color Palette

Use at least two of the colors in this fun citrus-inspired palette and let your imaginations run wild!  We’ve included coordinating solids from some of our sponsors to get you started. Feel free to add prints and other solids, as long as they match the color palette. 

Holy Heck Hermione! how ahhhsome are these colours? Its gonna be a delightful display at QuiltCon for sure….maybe you and I should go? Lets talk more about that later, okay?

Any way, back to the topic at hand.

As soon as the Community Outreach Challenge guidelines were posted, we all put our thinking caps on to come up with a design that would highlight angles in a modern setting and would allow a whole group of people to take part. Several designs were pitched on our Facebook Page, then a vote was held and Ms. Cathy’s design was chosen.

I am not going to give it all away in this post, but for sure, the name we chose gives a very good clue “Try Angles”….hmmm… yessiree, we are making Improv Triangles. This pattern is perfect for PEIMQG, because its sew flexible, There’s room for everyone in this quilt and we hope our members will make one or two for this cause.

I’m IN! But, because I was a bit late to the party (I missed the first sew day) I got this little packet of fabric last week to use to make a couple Improv triangles.

Our triangles are improv inspired, but we hope our members stretch their imaginations and possibly try new skills to make angles. Paper piecing is definitely an option. After we piece our angles we are going to trim them to the same angle as on this Nifty Notions bias triangle ruler.

We are not going to square up the angles, we are planning to piece them in a top to tail fashion, using white as a background colour. Check out the photo below to see a little glimpse of the triangles made so far…

Here’s a pic of Cathy updating the group on Try Angles progress at our last Guild meeting. As you can see our members are jumping right in to embrace the “Try Angles” theme.

I’m definitely not gonna miss the next sew day. Just Saying…

I’d love it if you came back occasionally to see how this quilt comes together over the next couple months. We will have it finished by the end of the first week in December so we can ship it off to QuiltCon in late December or early January.

For more information about QuiltCon and the Community Outreach Quilt Challenge, please click on this link.

Did you do something creative today?