I feel like a Queen

Hey guys, its me, Velda at the Freckled Fox Quiltery.  Can you believe its one day away from December already….Holy OMGoodness, how did that happen?  I blinked once and 2022 went whoosh…..or possibly it was swoosh, in my ear as it blew by me. Anyhoo, for those of you who don’t know, I am oneContinue reading “I feel like a Queen”

Salt and Sand on PEI

Hello blogging buddies, its March 25 here on my little Island in the Sun–PEI, Canada. Yessiree friends, I live in a beach community on the East Coast of Canada, so the Salt and Sand Blog Hop feels like it might have been made just for me. Today is my day to to reveal a littleContinue reading “Salt and Sand on PEI”

Welcome to the Big Top

Introducing my July Mini-Quilt….Drum Roll Please….Say hello to this “Three Ring Circus”. Each of the Improv. ring blocks are 9.5″ finished and I added a 1″ border around the outside edges to allow the rings to float. It ended up at 21″ square, which IMHO is a great size for a mini-wall quilt. I’m stillContinue reading “Welcome to the Big Top”

Dalgona Coffee – you gotta try this!

I’m pretty sure this recipe has been around in the blogosphere for at least 100 years because things are usually that old before I notice them. BUT, OMGoodness, this is just as deelishus  as anything you will pay $4 for at  Starbucks or Timmy’s.  Guaranteed. Here is the recipe.  It makes enough for at leastContinue reading “Dalgona Coffee – you gotta try this!”

Snowflake Serendipity

Today’s post is all about this beautiful modern snowflake quilt block. Sometimes inspiration strikes and you just have to drop everything and sew, sew sew.  Today was one of those days.  I was searching on line to find an 18″ quilt block to add to my growing collection of blocks for the Moda Countdown to ChristmasContinue reading “Snowflake Serendipity”