Hubby and me – A portrait for the Ages.

Its time for my Mini of the Month post again. And, trust me, my January mini is pretty dang amazing.  But before I share it with you,  I just have to say one more time this is clearly the most awesome idea I've had in ages.  I am  smack-dab in the middle of a love affair... Continue Reading →

I did it… I made a “Boxy Pouch”

Okay this is not a big deal to most folks, but Holy Heck Hermione, its a watershed moment for me.  I have only once before in my life installed (is that even the correct term?) a zipper and it did not go well.  I'm pretty sure my high school Home-Economics teacher took it out and... Continue Reading →

So this happened….

....its confession time.  Sadly I didn't post every day during the 31 day blog writing challenge in December.  I made it to Day 19.  I have absolutely no I'm going to add this to an ever evolving list of things I may have dropped the ball on.... then pick myself up, dust myself off... Continue Reading →

Never Have I Ever….

Did you ever play this game with your friends when you were a teenager?  I did and I confess it was sometimes a bit intimidating.  Today you can relax because the little quiz that follows is just for fun.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Points are awarded for things you have NOT done.... Continue Reading →

A List of Lists.

I have a love/hate relationship with lists don't you? As a "ferinstance" I love making grocery lists...but I hate that I always forget to put the dang thing in my purse before I go to the store...however I love checking the list when I get home to see if I purchased everything on it....and I... Continue Reading →

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Do you have any unique family traditions in your family.  We do.  I'm not saying that our traditions are typical or normal,  because whats normal to me might be a bit odd to you.   I do think ours might be a tiny bit on the unique side. Here are two ways our family and... Continue Reading →

You can always count on Crayola!

Its the best of times and the worst of times.  Its the time when I have to sit down at my computer and write tomorrow's blog post.....and I'm alarmed and anxious and just a tiny bit twitchy.  I have completely run out of things to talk about (my hubby is gobsmacked by this, he's never... Continue Reading →

Rudy’s new friend Rosemary

Just a really brief post today because I'm out and about doing Christmas errands early in the morning and then attending the PEIMQG annual Christmas Potluck Luncheon after that. It going to be such a great time.  I promise to take photos and share the day with you before  the end of this challenge. Before... Continue Reading →

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