Lists and Why they are Important

I have a love/hate relationship with lists don't you? As a "ferinstance" I love making grocery lists...but I hate that I always forget to put the dang thing in my purse before I go to the store...however I love checking the list when I get home to see if I purchased everything on it....and I... Continue Reading →


I think I can…I think I can

Holy Heck Hermione.... Its Day 1 and I'm feeling just like the little train that doesn't know if it can chug its way all the way to top of the hill. I think I can...I think I on my blog once a day for the whole month of December. I took this challenge last... Continue Reading →

Tic Tac Tango

Is it a candy? is it a Mint?  Its neither, its better....Its a quilt pattern and its mine.  It can also be yours if you go to Make Modern Magazine and subscribe to Issue 25, where you will find the pattern for this tasty treat.  And, if you want to stay up to date on all the... Continue Reading →

A Happy Accident

A week or so ago,  I mentioned that I was attending a Cheryl Arkison workshop called "Make Words, Not War".  As you may recall, I was looking for an extraordinary word to create something (i.e.  a wall-hanging or a pillow) to showcase in my quilting studio.  I wanted it to be motivating and beautiful; I wanted... Continue Reading →

Make Words Not War

I often wonder how many bloggers engaging with people in the quilt-i-verse (or any other universe for that matter) reflect on their choice of  words used when telling their stories.  I know I do.  In fact I've talked about this in a small degree in an older post entitled The Name Game.  Check it out, should... Continue Reading →

A Very Scary Quilt Block

Well here it is the middle of October.  Who knew that time would go by this fast. Not me for sure.   October is the month of ghosts and goblins and all kinds of spookily spectacular things.  Sew, it couldn't be more perfect that the next block in my Wicked and Wonderful PFMSQ is called "Hexing... Continue Reading →

My Wild and Wonderful Week

Did you ever just want to simply pick up two pieces of fabric and sew them fuss, no muss, no special tools needed?  Well that's exactly how I felt today.  FYI we just got back from a whirl wind trip to Alberta and BC to visit our kids and grandkids. This is how our... Continue Reading →

I am an Arkansas Traveller.

Not really....But perhaps someday. Right now I'm still here and looking at my calendar, unable to believe its October 1 already.  Yikes....summer is definitely over and it looks like we are gonna have a lovely long cool autumn here on PEI.  Many of my neighbours are already decorating their porches and driveways with pumpkins and... Continue Reading →

Tilt-a-Whirl – Its a Crazy Ride

I woke up this morning and realized  I've never posted about this huge milestone in my life.  Its really a dream come true. Did you know I had a quilt pattern published in September, 2018.  Holy O My Goodness Gracie.  Her name is Tilt-a-Whirl.  You can find her in Issue 24 of Make Modern Magazine.... Continue Reading →

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