I feel like a Queen

Hey guys, its me, Velda at the Freckled Fox Quiltery.  Can you believe its one day away from December already….Holy OMGoodness, how did that happen?  I blinked once and 2022 went whoosh…..or possibly it was swoosh, in my ear as it blew by me. Anyhoo, for those of you who don’t know, I am oneContinue reading “I feel like a Queen”

Salt and Sand on PEI

Hello blogging buddies, its March 25 here on my little Island in the Sun–PEI, Canada. Yessiree friends, I live in a beach community on the East Coast of Canada, so the Salt and Sand Blog Hop feels like it might have been made just for me. Today is my day to to reveal a littleContinue reading “Salt and Sand on PEI”

Lets Ketchup!

Holy Heck its been a while since I shared what I’ve been working on…and also what’s in my future. So in no particular order…lets catch up! I am carrying on with the Deep Dive Quilt Along which is hosted by the folks at https://arteastquiltingco.com. Since last September we’ve been building all kinds of deep seaContinue reading “Lets Ketchup!”

Three-Two-One… Go

Today I’m sharing my first entry into Project Quilting, Season 12. Naturally its a mini quilt! But before I do that, you might like to take on the challenge yourself. Here for your reading pleasure are the rules for Week One. You have one week to meet the challenge. Every challenge piece must be aContinue reading “Three-Two-One… Go”

Say Hey to Duncan and Delani…my Deep Sea Divers!

The Deep Dive Quilt Along from Art East Quilting Co. dropped anchor here for month two (2) on October 1. I gotta say I was all a-tingle to meet my Deep Sea Diver, who I was planning to call Scully. But as is often the case, this block had already made up his own mindContinue reading “Say Hey to Duncan and Delani…my Deep Sea Divers!”