It’s an Open House Blog Hop. I dare you to come in.

Does it freak you out to try new things?  Me too….but sometimes it freaks me out more to be stuck squarely within the four walls of my comfort zone.  Sew…

Rather than just showing you a house block, I thought “We should build a house together… or at least a house themed quilt block. I looked and looked and found this liberated house pattern by Sophie at Sophie Junction.

Trust me, its easy as ABC, 123. If you want to play along all you need is a ruler, a pencil, and a sheet or two of 8 1/2″ x 11″ printer paper.  If you don’t have printer paper on hand, you can use the reverse side of any correspondence  that you received in the mail.  Lots of flyers are blank on the back and re-puposing paper is a perfect way to practice loving the plant.  (Just saying).

First things first…use your ruler to draw a line 8.5 inches down from the top of one of the longer sides of the paper. Then draw a square 1/4″ inside from the edge all around the 8 1/2″ square.  See below if that didn’t make any sense.


To draw the basic house outline, add a wonky line about 1/3 of the way down from the top of square.  Then add the roof lines.  I drew double lines 1/2 inch apart on both sides.  Make sure to bring the roof edges right out to the edges of the block. The next step is to draw the house walls. Check to see if your drawing looks something like this.

Next I added another wonky line about an inch or so below the roof line. Then I added the word “HI” below that.  The H becomes a door and a window and the other line adds wonderful texture and interest to the block.  You can add as many or as few lines as you like because there are no real rules for wonky houses.  You gotta love that.


Finally we have to identify the sewing order.  It’s important to follow the same order as I did in the example below.


Yay! We’ve drafted a wonderful quilt block that is perfect for paper piecing.  Now its up to  you to really make it shine.  Take a moment to imagine how cute it’s going to be when you add the fabric.

FYI sometimes I write the color I am planning to use in each section.  In theory, that way there are fewer times when I mix things up.


ITS TIME TO ADD YOUR UNIQUELY YOU PERSONALITY to your house.  Here is my own wonky Halloween haunted house block.


So…what next….?  Well I could leave it the way it is…. and make a bunch more to keep it company, or I could add some log cabin borders and make a mini-quilt for my friend Carole M. for her birthday/Halloween/thank you for inviting me to lunch gift….which is what I decided to do.  Here is my “Simply Boo-tiful” mini-house quilt.


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Did you do something creative today?


35 thoughts on “It’s an Open House Blog Hop. I dare you to come in.

  1. Thank you for such a great idea! I’ve been doing some improv birds and perhaps I can now do some improve houses/bird houses!


  2. OMG… I love it. Next month we have an Island Batik challenge for paper piecing. I think I’ve got an idea in my head now. You could have sold me on anything with Halloween fabric, but this little wonky house is just too cute!!!!


  3. I wonder what Velda created, I thought, and then I see this glorious wonky house. Of course, I’m pondering whether I can set aside all my other projects and just make wonky houses! Haha! Thanks for the great tutorial, Velda. Your house is adorable!


  4. Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial for a paper-pieced house! I will have to try it when I have the chance. Yours is very cute for the Halloween season!


  5. That is so fun that you gave us a step by step wonky house block. Yours turned out so cute that I am going to try a table runner of wonky blocks myself. Thanks


  6. I love, love, love that house block, especially in the Halloween fabrics. Creepy and cool! Thank you for sharing your process of creating the house…very interesting and helpful. I’m so glad you hopped with us today!


  7. Thank you for showing how to draft my own block. My birthday is Halloween and at the soon to be age of 74, I still have a lot of Fun.


  8. I love this! I’m going to have to try this soon. I’ll just add it to my (perfectly reasonably sized, I swear!) to sew list….


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