Lets all eat Cake…

This is my birthday month and guess what,  I don’t feel any older than I did last month, or the month before, or even the year before that.

On September 4, I blew out an awesome number of candles, which means I get my wish. Do you want to know what I wished for?  Of course you do.  Here goes

….I wished that everyone would ALWAYS EAT CAKE…every time its offered.  

Nobody ever died from an itty-bitty piece of cake….or maybe they did, I don’t know for sure…but the message I’m sending out to the world is TAKE A RISK OR TWO, A TIME OR TWO.  Who knows what might happen.

I am a case in point.  Last year my birthday wish was to have a quilt pattern published.  (I know….Wish Big!….we’ll talk about that in another blog post). Anyway, OMGoodness Gracie, here it is only one year later and I am well on the way to having more than one quilt pattern published.   I cannot tell you more than that yet but I am all a-twitter about the projects I have ongoing now.  Stay tuned.

Its September 15 and time to unveil the next block in my Wicked and Wonderful Personal Favourite Modern Sampler Quilt (WWPFMSQ).  This one was birthed by the amazing Katie Clarke Blakesley who blogs over at Swim Bike Quilt.

This is my version of her block.


She is a quietly beautiful creation and I love her. Her birth mom called her “Evening Star” which is completely serendipitous, because, just like birthday candles, you can make a wish on an evening star.

Sew do it.. get yourself a big ole chunk of cake (big cake…big wish!) and stand outside in your driveway at twilight, look way up, and then make a wish upon the first star of the evening.  Do it tonight…and let me know what happens next.

Did you do something creative today?


2 thoughts on “Lets all eat Cake…

  1. Love this block! Can I wish for my blog posts to write themselves? I think that’s the main thing I need these days. As to your “did you do something creative today” question: we are trapped inside due to the rain from Florence and I was prepared with a family craft! We’re making fairy houses. I hope you continue to enjoy your birthday month!


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