WhirlyGigs – A Picto-Toot

I don’t know if I ever said this before, but I love Whirlygigs.  They are just like pinwheels but not quite so pointy, and perhaps a bit more complicated to make…depending on your point of view re HST’s.

Here’s the thing about whirligigs;  most patterns require a template to make the “gigs” or arms.  I don’t like using templates, so wherever possible I try to find a make-do method.

There are lots of tutorials out there in the cyber-universe that promise whirlygigs  with no templates, some of which I tried this morning but quickly abandoned because there was too much trimming and waste involved.  So, borrowing a bit here and there and tweaking a bit, here is what I came up with.imageimageimageimageimg_1327IMG_1329IMG_1330IMG_1334IMG_1335

Ta dah, two perfect 4 1/2″ whirlygigs although I only took a photo of one of them.

EZPZ right?


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