ME ME ME, this page is about ME

My story is a very simple one.  I’m Velda. I live in Stanhope in beautiful PEI, Canada with my hubby, Ron, one cranky old man-cat, Phinnius…and two black poodles, Tigg Dog and Theo the Wonder Puppy.  We arrived here from Sherwood Park, Alberta in July, 2014,

leaving behind our 3 grown-up kids in Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park, their kids (AKA our o-so-awesome grandkids),  our friends, and our big city lifestyle (heheheh) to come back East to reclaim and reconnect with our roots.  Other than family, my one true passion is quilting. I love everything about it…even basting and binding…well maybe not basting, sigh. 

This is my virtual home.  Its meant to be a peaceful loving space where I can connect with people who love the same things as I do.    I’m so happy you popped in and hope you leave me a word or two so I can get to know you better.  Be warned tho,  I am a bit of a chatterbox…so its possible you may read something that makes you shake your head a time or two.

Just saying,  I think the world would be a very boring place if we were all exactly the same, don’t you?   Enjoy your journey and your day!


12 thoughts on “ME ME ME, this page is about ME

  1. OMGoodness of course you can use it, but I don’t know for sure if it was mine or a block I had a link to. Please make sure you credit the proper creator first. Can you find it in my blog? I’m so happy you liked it it. I’ll check to see if I still have the link.


  2. Velda, hope you see this. I was in your hive in 2018 and loved your wonky houses. Unfortunately a surgery didn’t let me make a block, an angel took my place. But I still think about the blocks you received. Your tutorial was excellent and I would like to use it for my May block in our bee. Is it ok to use your post for my block? Let me know. Thanks!


  3. Hi Velda, I stumbled on your blog from your work for Make Modern. How can I catch up with your posts on a regular basis? I don’t do face book etc. I live in Darwin, Australia, born London UK. I am now 80 and slowing up a bit but I never want to stop sewing.I have enjoyed the diaries and the quilts you have made.


  4. Oh Velda, you are my inspiration!!! I have always want to blog my journey in everything too just so that my daughter and son-in-law and siblings can see what I am doing.. tried wordpress, haven’t got anywhere near what you have.. I would love to chat with you on how to get started..


  5. Sorry I never ever saw your pattern or your tutorial! simply was inspired by your bird quilt to make my own pattern and wanted to give you credit for that inspiration so nope will not be taking anything off my blog.


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