A Cog in the Wheel

FYI, there is absolutely such a thing as love at first sight.

I know this because I fell in love with this quilt the moment it popped up in my Pinterest Feed. Its called A Cog in the Wheel and the pattern was birthed by Teresa at TeresaDownUnder, Sewn Up.

Her website is awesome, and I highly recommend you pop on over to https://teresadownunder.com to see all the charming and unique Quilty things she offers.

If you look closely you can see the block is based on a traditional one called Morning Star; and what makes it feel modern to me is the non-traditional setting. The blocks are quite large at 12″ finished and really quite straightforward to piece–especially if you are a fan of Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) and I AM THAT. Of course if you don’t love FPP, you can always use the templates provided to cut and piece the quilt.

Don’t you love how the quilt has all those lovely big circles! Guess what, its an optical illusion. There is not one single curved piece in the whole quilt. NOT A SINGLE ONE!

The quilt is made up of plain, flipped corner, and pieced blocks sewn together in simple rows. There are 20 large pieced blocks to make and I’ve got the above 4 blocks finished already! That means after I cut the plain blocks and add the flipped corner blocks I already have 2 rows completed. I can see the beginning of a green circle taking shape and it makes me happy.

I’m using a scrappy colour scheme similar to the one on the pattern cover and I cannot tell a lie…I found it a bit tricky at first to get everything placed and pieced into the right spot. This is not in any way the fault of the pattern, nope that’s all on me. I am somewhat colour challenged and am prone to getting my darker colours in the wrong place; so I was spending lots of time toggling back and forth between the PDF pattern and the FPP section I was putting together. When I decided to cut out all the pieces first, and bag them, everything started falling into place. Now all I have to do is look at the pattern layout, pull the corresponding 60 degree triangles out of the bags and I’m good to go.

All cut out and waiting to be pieced into the Blocks.

I will post further photos as I go along. So far I’m very pleased and excited about how its going.

Did you do something creative today?


  1. Joan says:

    Pop, Pop Pop like fireworks! Looks like a “must have”! Each of my nieces and nephews get a wedding quilt – this is definitely for the next wedding. Thanks


  2. That is a very cool design – I will enjoy watching your progress as you piece it together!


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