Blue Blue, my Heart is Blue

Here on PEI, its mid-winter and holy o-my-goodness, its frosty outside. But my heart is warm and toasty and thats good enough for me.

Hearts on Fire is my first 2021 Blog Hop. And it has a twisty-turner-oo to make it more exciting. Today is the first day and its my day to post. But before I get to that, thanks so much to Carol S. at for hosting the Hop. Its a very good thing.

Carol says the rules are very simple, all we have to do is….

“Make something with a heart in any colour, BUT NOT RED…get creative! It can be big or small, in a quilt, a bag, or whatever.

I’m a quilter and I love mini-quilts so there is really no question of what’s going to happen here. Its a Mini Quilt.

As you know the hot hot hottest spot in a flame is in the very middle and its blue—so of course I’m making a heart with a blue centre. My mini-quilt is inspired by Crafty Staci at I am pretty darn excited to share my version sion of her pattern.

Here it is!

Hearts on Fire

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Did you do something creative today?


  1. Denise says:

    Great job, It never occurred to make a strip heart. Thanks for the idea.


  2. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your love of quilting.


  3. Great little mini for the Hop!!


  4. Lyndsey Mears says:

    I love your blue heart quilt.


  5. Carla says:

    It is blue and amazingly fun and modern. It is HOT!


  6. Rebecca Smith says:

    I love how you incorporated the fire part too!


  7. thatfabricfeelingcom says:

    I love the quilt.


  8. Colette says:

    What a neat quilt. Love the blue


  9. Anorina says:

    Love your blue stripe heart. It’s so fun and modern.


  10. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Your blue striped heart is great! Love it. Thanks for sharing your mini with us!


  11. quiltinggail says:

    Blue, blue!!! Love the blue striped heart!


  12. Sherry says:

    Love your Blues and Hearts within a Heart. Thank you for Hearts a Fire Hopping.


  13. Lj Meyers says:

    Of course a heart needs to be blue if it’s not red. 🙂 Excellent!


  14. Karen Moore says:

    Love your modern version of a heart and the graduation of colour from a dark centre to light edges.


  15. Sharon Vrooman says:

    Today is Blue Monday so your little piece for the first day of the Hop is perfect.


  16. Velda your blue heart mini is so sweet. Nice to see that bit of blue on my cloudy BC morning. Thank you for the ear worm and sharing your pretty heart


  17. Danette says:

    A very cute, blue heart, indeed! I love minis, also.


  18. Joan says:

    Your little blue heart mini, warms my heart. What a perfect way to drive away those winter blues. My Heart project it blue too. Wink wink


  19. Karrin Hurd says:

    Love your blue heart! Blue is my favorite color! Thanks for sharing!


  20. Anita says:

    A blue heart is very appropriate during these cold days! The heart is lovely!


  21. Such a beautiful blue heart. Your fabric choice makes it modern and whimsical.


  22. thedarlingdogwood says:

    I didn’t think about blue being at the center of a flame! I love your blue heart. I always think about Blue in January, maybe it’s the colder temperatures.


  23. Good Morning! Lovely modern looking heart. Usually we are blue with cold here in New England, but it has been a very mild winter so far.
    February is usually or snowiest and coldest month, though, so it may or may not continue. Thank you for joining in the blog hop … 🙂 Pat


  24. Ok, that title has brought back an old song from my memory. That’s a quick and cute little heart mini!


  25. Selina says:

    This is a lovely quilt. Great color option choice, love it.


  26. Carol Kussart says:

    You made a lovely heart! I like the use of strips for it. Thanks for giving us the link so we can make it too.


  27. Dorian says:

    Thats a nice, cheerful heart. A unique way of making it too, great job.


  28. A beautiful blue heart! Thanks for sharing.


  29. sewswift says:

    Oh my, Velda, that is a beautiful heart in such pretty fabrics…love it! It’s really fun to have you play along and share your not-red heart. Thank you! xo


  30. Blue is a great choice and I like the modern representation of a heart!


  31. Susan Nixon says:

    I like your blue heart! I imagine it is VERY cold on PEI! Thanks to the link to Staci’s tutorial.


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