A Christmas Carol – circa 2020

I don’t know how much you guys know about my family situation so here are the details. My mom and all 3 brothers live within 20 km of our house. I have 3 sisters also; sadly, none of them live on PEI. One lives in Manitoba and one lives in Ontario. My youngest sister lives in NB so she comes home to visit for most holidays.

Usually Hubby and I host a large crowd including my mom, brothers and sister, their spouses, their kids with spouses, or significant others; and quite often their pets. This happens starting around Noon on Christmas Day. Mild to major mayhem ALWAYS ensues. Its a crazy day filled with people and pets and presents. Did I mention food and drink? That happens too. Up until about 10 months ago, we never even considered social distancing. We were 25+ people, laughing, talking, eating and making merry in our home. I’m sure you have much the same thing happening at your house. This photo (not at Christmas) is just a sample of our crew. It was taken a few years ago so there are even more people and pets in the family now….and some (at least 10) are missing in this one.

Here on PEI we are ALL taking every single precaution we can think to ensure that everyone we love is protected from that dang virus. It goes without saying that we WILL NOT be gathering together for Christmas 2020.

We will be having our own retro Christmas here in Stanhope. That means we (hubby and me and our pooches) will be putting up a little tree and cooking a little meal just for us. We will be reminiscing about Christmases in the past and looking forward to Christmases in the future. And because we are making this hard choice now, we fully expect next year we will be able to celebrate with our whole family.

Will you do the same?


  1. zippyquilts says:

    Great post! I can’t believe the number of fools who traveled for Thanksgiving in the U.S.


  2. kaywelch says:

    We (my Cowboy & I) have been staying at home since March, only going out for essentials. We plan to continue our stay at home as long as necessary. We miss seeing his kids & grandkids, of course. Thank goodness for all the various ways to “see” each other during these times. My quilt guild meets via Zoom, and we are having a Zoom holiday party. It isn’t easy for any of us, and oh so important for all of us to do what is necessary to get this “virus” under control. Thank you for making that hard choice. Sending Holiday Greetings and hugs, Kay


  3. I can only imagine how much fun it must be when you all gather! It will be a quieter Christmas for many of us, I think. We are planning to stay home too, keep it simple, and do our best to keep our families safe.

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  4. rl2b2017 says:

    Good morning, Velda! Yes, we will be doing the same thing. We didn’t gather together for Thanksgiving and won’t for Christmas. We will still get the gifts to the kiddos, and we’ll plan for the 2021 celebration to be beyond better. {{Hugs}} for making the right difficult choice. ~smile~ Roseanne


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