Its time for an E.H.* Adventure

*Elizabeth Hartman , a quilter, pattern designer, and fan of color from Portland, Oregon.

I love the PEIMQG. We are a small but super spectacular group of sewists here in Eastern Canada. Today I’m excited to tell you guys all about our current Sew-along hosted on Facebook. You can find our Page by clicking on this link.

But first things first– I’m sending a ginormous THANK-YOU to Cathy V–and her mom, for dreaming up this faboolus idea and then coordinating everything nicely so all the rest of us have to do is pick an Elizabeth Hartman quilt pattern and start piecing.

FYI I grabbed the following information directly from the Facebook Page because there is no reason to re-invent the story.

This group is for members and friends of the PEI Modern Quilt Guild who would like to take part in an Elizabeth Hartman Sew Along. The fun begins September 1st, 2020, and will continue for at least 8 months. Pick a pattern and your fabric and get ready to have fun, while being encouraged by fellow EH enthusiasts!!! You set your own pace, and post as many or as few photos as you like!!! Need some help or advice?? Feel free to post your questions here…. More than a few members have already completed some EH projects and will be happy to help in whatever way they can. Most of all remember to relax and have fun. It’s not a race and everyone sews at their own speed. Feel free to share this group with your friends, who might be interested in sewing along with us ( even if they just wanna look at the pretty, pretty pictures!!)

So there you go….Have you always wanted to piece an Elizabeth Hartman pattern but have a few anxiety butterflies in your tummy? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to do some good old fashioned slow sewing and meet a whole bunch of folks from all over the world who are in exactly the same space as you are. I say jump in and give it a go. I did!

I’ve already made Avatrix Medallion (so much fun). This time I wanted something to simply make me happy every time I sit down to sew. That’s why I’m making “Neighbourhood” .

The pattern is taken from Elizabeth Hartman’s book — Modern Patchwork. FYI, this is a great book, full of 12 stunning and straight-forward quilt patterns…and I found a copy in our Guild’s library. So Yay!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I already made a test block,

This is one for the back of the quilt!

and already changed my colour way to make it feel more “Me-ish”. Going forward the mini-quilt below is the inspiration for my version of Neighbourhood. FYI, I found this photo on Pinterest and credit for the mini-quilt goes to

Stay tuned to see my progress here, or go ahead and check out the link above to our Facebook Page to see what all the other folks already signed up are planning.

Did you do something creative today?


  1. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Such a fun idea! I also made Awesome Ocean earlier this year, and I’ve made several hedgehogs. I’ve had Neighborhood on my list since I saw a version by Liz of Savor Every stitch that I adored. Very excited to see your develop!


  2. Susan Lynn Paddock says:

    Velda, great shout out to PEIMQG, I love being a member and participating in this latest sew-along. Happy stitching ahead!


  3. EH has a book?! I might need to check that out. I made Awesome Ocean earlier this year, and I had so much fun making each ocean critter. I like the pattern you’ve chosen. I love the new look of your blog, by the way!


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