Oceania Octopus – brought to you by Art East Quilting Co.

Today is the perfect time to talk up a fabulous Eastern Canada quilting company….its my new favourite pattern purchasing place and its virtually right next door in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Say hello to Art East Quilting Co. https://arteastquiltingco.com. These are the folks hosting a mind-blowing sew-along thats completely perfect for anyone who measures her days by the rise and fall of the tide.

As you can see its called the Deep Dive Sew-Along and it started in September. I dove right in and purchased the kit, so all I have to do every month is sew! The first block we finished was an octopus. (I’ve decided to give myself a bit of artistic leeway when naming her). This is “Oceania” . I think she is ahhhmazing.

“Oceania says Hello”

Today, the fabric arrived for the second block. Check it below. According to the sew-along info page, October is all about a Scuba Diver. Its gonna go from this….

to this ….in just a few short days! Come on October 1!!!

Scully, the Scuba Diver

Sew, I guess its pretty obvious why I’m so eager to get to work on Block 2. FYI, I’ve already named him Scully and will share my version when its finished.

Did you do something creative today?

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  1. Cecyle Callahan says:

    I love Scully, Oceania, and this entire project. I’m originally from the Seattle, WA area.


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