Its a Parade of Quilts.

Its hard to believe that its the very end of August already. Although 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for most of us, I’m sure nobody will deny that time continues to fly by.

Here is an example of what I mean. In September, 2019 I committed to making a mini quilt every month for one year. And in a blink of the eye, here it is August 2020 and I’m the proud momma of 12 beautiful miniature quilts, some of which brighten the stair well going to my quilting studio and others which have found a new home somewhere else.

The mini featured above is called Plus One. It’s 15” square and it’s my entry into Curated Quilts—Modern Plus Mini quilt challenge. It’s also my August mini of the month.

Would you like to see the rest of them again one more time? I’m delighted to offer up a Parade of Quilts to represent a year in the life of me – Velda @ FreckledFoxQuiltery. I hope one or more of them makes you smile. I know I reveled in making each and every one of them.

September/19 – Electric Diamonds
October – A Sapphire Pillow
November – The Pigeon
December – A Balloon for my Swap Buddy
January – A Portrait for the Ages
February – Put A Heart on It
March – Blowing in the Breeze
April – I’ve Got Connections
May – I make another Mini
June – Lupins
July – 3 Ring Circus
August – Plus One

I am feeling just the tiniest bit blue now that my year of mini quilts is finished. I wonder what will pique my interest next year?

Did you do something creative today?


  1. Jenny Armour says:

    Velda your work is so inspiring. I have admires all your parade of quilts, Jenny Armour, Northern Territory of Australia


  2. Today I did some deep-ish cleaning in my quilt room. I can now see the tops of things I couldn’t before, so some progress. In the course of my cleaning, I found some batik scraps, which have now resulted in one runner, two minis and more to come. It’s both satisfying (sewing!) and frustrating (more UFOs). Still, it’s been a good day. Thoroughly enjoyed the little parade of quilts – they are so fun!


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