My virtual neighbourhood expands again!

I’m so excited to report that the last two homes in my virtual neighbourhood were liberated from our mailbox earlier this week.

Today I’m sharing the blocks that Em and Alanna offered.

The first one is Em’s house. If you want to see the actual home she modelled it on, then pop on over to IG and visit her @moonlightsewing. Ahhhmazing, right? I’ll be honest, this house blew up my world for a few days. Clearly Em took waaaaay more time to design and piece this block than recommended by the folks at Stash Bee.

Thank goodness a picture is worth a thousand words because I gotta say I’m just about out of words to express how delighted I am to be the owner of this block. I’m calling it “Hello Happy House” because of all the adorable little critters waving at me from the windows.

Hello Happy House

Just when I thought it was impossible to be more gobsmacked by the talent in Hive 4, this stunner arrived. Holy Heck Hermione.

Little House in the Woods

Alanna shared the following story with me and now I’m sharing it with you.

I have birth to my son in December, shortly before Christmas. In the first few weeks at home, the outside world was a blur as I was so focused on getting to know this new little person, and learning how to do this motherhood thing. My partner, and my mother who was staying with us to help, were often reading the news. They discussed the emergence of the coronavirus, but I was too immersed in feedings, and diapers, and snuggles to pay any attention. But it wasn’t long before the Coronavirus burst my little bubble and I had to start paying attention.

In March our son was three months old and I was just stating to get out more with the baby when our provincial and federal health officials asked us to socially distance and shelter in place. In some ways, self-isolating/sheltering in place has probably affected me less than the average person, because being on maternity leave I was already spending most of my days at home, already at home. But it was certainly not how I imagined my maternity leave to go. I had plans of joining mommy-and-baby yoga classes, or attending nursery rhyme circles at the local library–activities to connect with other moms and get out of the house. Covid put a pin in those plans and it has been hard to feel connected to the world and other mothers as a result. Covid has also added another layer of anxiety to the mix. As a new mother, I was already anxious about all kinds of things–is he getting enough to eat? Is he sleeping enough? Is he developing normally? Now I had to worry about a global pandemic! A trip to the grocery store with a newborn was already hard enough without the added stress of how to protect my son from getting the virus. And all the contradicting information and confusion around the virus didn’t help. It seemed like the debate around masks was more controversial and confusing than the debate on sleep-training.

It certainly has been stressful, but overall I have really cherished this time to focus inward on my little family, and our home. We have been learning about gardening, built new garden beds and growing lots of veggies. We canned 50 salmon, so our pantry is stocked to the brim. and we have been going on lots of walks with our dog Indi. It has been a time of joy and wonder, watching our son grow and discover the world around him. I am grateful he is too little to understand what’s going on, so he isn’t scared or stressed by these events.

Thank you Alanna for sharing your story with us. I hope your family continues to be well and grows up strong and sturdy. It makes my heart happy when I can share good news. There simply isn’t enough of it out there in August 2020.

I’m so grateful to her and for all my Quilty friends who worked their tails off to make such meaningful blocks. I just hope my quilt does them justice. The next posts in this series will chronicle the building of my very own virtual neighbourhood — where I’m happy to report there are no active cases of any virus – not even a sniffle from a seasonal allergy.

Did you do something creative today?


  1. thedarlingdogwood says:

    I’ve been enjoying these houses and their stories. These two are stunners!



    Such nice blocks and such a touching story to go with the last one. It will great to see your virtual neighborhood quilt when you put it together.


  3. What a delightful quilt this will be! Thanks for sharing the blocks from the talented quilty friends you have!


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