“Sheltering at Home” Update

For a few seconds after I opened my mailbox this morning I forgot about all the turmoil in the world! Wouldn’t you feel the same if this breathtaking house block was waiting for you? I thought so!! I am chomping at the bit to add it to my “Sheltering at Home” quilt. I cannot thank my friend and quilting buddy Em enough for all the effort she put into making this fabric photograph for me. She certainly raised the bar with this one.

Picture Windows

She sent along a little note that says “Phew! That was a challenge…Now I have ideas to make a quilt with all the houses I’ve lived in.

All I can say is, you met the challenge and knocked it right out of the park. Check out all those adorable critters in the windows. I don’t even know what to say except I cannot wait to find it a place on my quilt.

Earlier this week I found this charmer hanging out in my mailbox…It may have popped in late last week because we were away on a little road trip for a few days. This one came all the way from the other side of the world….and it makes me want to visit Australia even more than ever. Don’t you just love those lacy balconies on the row-houses. Thank you @patchwork.life. This one really made my day! Its found a home in my quilt already.

Lovely with Lace Balconies.

Did you do something creative today?