Sheltering At Home – another story

My “Sheltering at Home” blocks are still breezing cheerfully into my mail-box.  I gotta say, expecting happy mail instead of bills makes it much more rewarding to go to the post-office every day or so.

And just to keep everyone in the loop… I’m a member of Hive 4 in Stash Bee. I was Queen Bee in June and this is what I asked my hive buddies to make.

Your mission for June is to make a quilt block about your family’s home/neighbourhood.  It can be your home, or the home of someone you love, or care about. I am looking for house/village blocks that measure between 15.5″ and 16.5″ unfinished.  You CAN make it any size you want–up to and including the maximum that Stash Bee guidelines allow… (max. 16″ square blocks that can be pieced in 1.5 hours or less).  It doesn’t have to be square, but please aim for blocks to be15.5″ wide.  (I will be adding sashing if needed to bring all the blocks up to 18″ square later).  The important thing is that your house represents you.

As you can see in my first post, or my second one,  or in my third one,  my mailbox rapidly became a rendezvous for a virtual community built around a series of awesome quilt blocks.  I also asked my hivemates, to share a tiny bit of what their life is like while they are living with this pandemic, if they were comfortable doing so.  I feel blessed that many of my Hive 4 friends (and some hive-crashers too) were willing to tell their story and to allow me to copy it here.  This week was no exception.

Today I’m sharing a bit about Robin Sue, her family and the reason why she decided to send me two (2) blocks.  Here is what she tells me.

…Making a house block was a challenge.  I had the white block almost completed when I re-read the tutorial for a brightly coloured house.  Needless to say, this was the same day my husband requested COVID testing.  The next day I made a 2nd block which I will not share.  They next day I made a 3rd block – quite large because I didn’t count my graph paper correctly.

I’ve sent you #1 and #3.  On #1, the top of the tree lifts if you need to add more fabric. Block #3 is 18.5 x 18.5!

Since COVID became a pandemic I taught 1st grade via Zoom.  My adult daughter moved in and completed graduate school.  In June I officially retired! Today was more COVID testing and I’m hoping this time for my 3rd neg & that my husband can return to work in a week or so.


Both these little houses are so dang cute.  They look like some of the beautifully-kept summer homes by the shore here on PEI.  I’ve decided to call them “Cottage Lane” and keep them together in the quilt if I can. Aren’t they amazing.   I never dreamed that I’d be lucky enough to get two but I’m so glad Robin Sue sent both along.  And in return, I’m sending good wishes her way and am keeping all my digits crossed that her family is negative for virus and can get on with their lives in the “new normal”.

Did you do something creative today?