Sheltering at Home – Post 3

Here on PEI, its been quite an eye-opening week to say the least.

Hubby and I actually got all spruced up and went out to dinner IN A RESTAURANT with friends on Friday night…and let me just say the experience was way beyond bizarre. We made reservations at an establishment that would normally seat at least 150 people in each of its two dining rooms. Its a huge venue and when we ventured inside there were perhaps 10 tables arranged around the back windows – seating a maximum of four diners at each one – so approx. 40 people in total.  That felt very odd in and by itself, but what really made my head spin was that almost half of those tables were empty when we arrived at 6 PM; and still were when we left around 7 PM. So it seems like here in PEI, Canada, we are still very much following the rules set by our health officials to protect us from the DANG VIRUS. Yay us!!  Are you having the same experience where you are? 

And in the virtual neighbourhood that I occupy during this pandemic, I’m excited to report that I’ve opened my mailbox twice this week to find happy mail from my Stash Beehive 4 buddies.

One of the envelopes I opened came all the way from Springfield OR – a place that I’ve actually been very close to (relatively speaking, when considering that we are now about 3,000 miles away) when my family drove down the Oregon coast to Los Angeles about 35 years ago. Here is the ahhhsome block I got from Heather K….

I think the perfect name for Heather’s contribution to my quilt is

“Heart of the House”.  

In the note she sent along with her block, Heather says…

…Covid didn’t really “hit” my home all that hard.  It was just LIFE.  For me the highlights were my oldest getting married — in a very small, immediate-only family ceremony. And re-building (or rather re-discovering) my support structure.

The block represents the 4 households that make my my family now.  The yellow-lit windows are my kids and the heart window is our family room.  The gray house is the only scrappy one – it is where all the kids were raised and many pieces make our whole eternal family. I’m grateful for the chance you’ve give me to reflect and process so many thoughts and emotions….”  

It makes my heart happy that Heather’s family continues to grow and be safe in 2020. I’m so glad she shared this little peek into her family’s life.  

On Wednesday morning,  I opened my mailbox to find this lovely little house block from Linda S. She didn’t tell me the story behind the block, but it looks pretty clear to me that her home is lived in and loved.  I am crazy about the appliqué trees she added (they look like hearts to me).


I’m calling this block

“House of Blues”

Thank you Linda for building this block for my quilt.  

Did you do something creative today?




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  1. We’ve just gotten back from an overnight trip to Wisconsin to pick cherries. Our first “outing” since March. In some ways it felt normal, others not. In Wisconsin, there are clearly mixed opinions on masks and social distancing, so that was a little unnerving. We avoided restaurants, and just had light meals either on our B&B deck or in the car while en route. Glad your community is still taking it seriously!

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