Welcome to the Big Top

Introducing my July Mini-Quilt….Drum Roll Please….Say hello to this “Three Ring Circus”.

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Each of the Improv. ring blocks are 9.5″ finished and I added a 1″ border around the outside edges to allow the rings to float. It ended up at 21″ square, which IMHO is a great size for a mini-wall quilt.

I’m still learning to love “improv” quilting.

Do you wake up feeling a bit fragile some mornings during this Covid-19 pandemic? Me too! So while I want to express myself through quilt making, I am finding it an up-hill battle to start a large new patchwork project. That’s why I am really loving my mini-quilt challenge. Since March 15 — the date my family decided to self isolate — I have successfully completed more than 1/2 dozen mini-quilts. How motivating is that!

FYI, I pieced this mini-quilt following a tutorial offered on-line by Jo Avery. Click on the link below to jump to her blogs “tutorial” main page. http://blog.mybearpaw.com/mybearpaw-tutorials . Trust me this is a fabulous resource if you are looking to try something completely new and exciting. Along with patchwork blocks, she offers embroidery, bag making and hoop art tutorials to name just three. Perhaps this is a time to stretch your wings?

Did you do something creative today?



  1. inquiringquilter says:

    This is wonderful! You are doing great with improv. And your right this is the perfect size for a mini. It’s a mini motivator if it’s helping you get through this. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


  2. That is a very fun little mini, and I think you are handling improv pretty well! I was just thinking that I should take inventory of what I have finished during this pandemic. I have no idea, I haven’t been keeping track, so now I’m curious.


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