Summer Fun = Summer School

Hello all.  Looks like I’m not an A+ student.  I signed up to be part of Quilt Block Mania.  They are a group of designers on Facebook, collaborating with each other to offer a free quilt block each month this summer.  Sigh….as you can see I can only share a photo of what will someday soon be my free quilt block…I have the draft block pieced, but didn’t get the pattern tested in a timely manner, so don’t feel comfortable putting it out there in the blogosphere right now.  As you can see the pattern is made up of 4 little fish swimming around in a “school”.  I used my Circle Cut Ruler to make the “no fuss, no muss, no cussing” curved units rather than fiddling with a template.


And for your viewing pleasure, here is an itty bitty pic of how a whole quilt might look in a modern setting. Thi sblock is really versatile, and very easy to change up by alternating direction of the little fishies, or by giving them different coloured fins and tails.

Dang, I’m excited to see how this quilt looks in real life, but clearly I dropped the ball by not getting it finished in time.

I am so glad you dropped by and so sorry that I don’t have anything else to offer you.  If you come back later this month, there will be a tutorial available. Pinky Swear!


  1. zippyquilts says:

    It’s pretty darn cute even if you didn’t get it tested! It’s amazing how busy we can be despite being quarantined!


  2. So cute, Velda! No big deal on “dropping the ball”–it’s been that kind of year for everyone! Can’t wait for the toot and then the pattern.


  3. There is a post on my blog today with a Picot-Toot. I still haven’t finished the stand alone pattern, but I wanted to share with everyone in Quilt Mania how I put this little block together. I hope you like it.


  4. Rochelle Summers says:

    This is a cute and colorful block. Will be looking forward to seeing it when you are ready to show again.


  5. Selina says:

    So cute Velda. I will have to come back to see how that is done! Happy Quilting.


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