May – I make another Mini

Hello people in the Quilty universe.  How are you holding up? Hubby and I are still hanging on and hanging out at our house.  Its almost the end of May and  there is the tiniest little glimmer of light on the horizon.  The folks in charge here on PEI are opening the bridge to off-island homeowners (people who own a summer residence here) effective June 1, so in preparation for that, many retail establishments are opening their doors for customers who take ALL the appropriate safety measures. That means I can finally go to Winners again…and OMG I can get a haircut and a pedicure soon!!  I may expire from excitement.

Whew, what will I do while I wait for June 1?  Make a mini-of-the-month of course.  Here is my very simple offering for May.  Because I have lots of time on my hands, I decided to hand-quilt this one.  I’m calling it “Bright and Beautiful Blooming Leaves” because seriously who ever saw a pink leaf? or a teal one?  I DON’T EVEN CARE….


Did you do something creative today?


5 thoughts on “May – I make another Mini

  1. What a bright cheery mini! I just had to smile when I saw it! Good luck with the opening. We are already experiencing it here in B.C. and I admit to having some concerns 😷 Carol


  2. Surely there must be pink and teal leaves somewhere in this world, if there can be a pink lake, etc., but you’re right — who cares?! It’s just fun to see that lovely mini – a treat for the eyes!


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