Dalgona Coffee – you gotta try this!

I’m pretty sure this recipe has been around in the blogosphere for at least 100 years because things are usually that old before I notice them.

BUT, OMGoodness, this is just as deelishus  as anything you will pay $4 for at  Starbucks or Timmy’s.  Guaranteed.

Here is the recipe.  It makes enough for at least 4 glasses of milk.

4 T Instant Coffee granules (Yes it has to be instant, or it won’t work)

4 T hot (not boiling) water

4 T sugar (or sweetener such as Stevia or Monk Fruit)

4 large glasses of  milk

Ice cubes

Place coffee, hot water and sweetener in the bowl of your mixmaster and using the wire whisk on high speed, whip it up.  It will only take a minute or so and you will have this amazing toffee coloured creme that looks like marshmallow fluff with caramel mixed in.  Be prepared to be amazed at how much creamy foamy yummy-ness this little recipe makes.

Place ice cubes in a pretty glass and fill it approx. 3/4 full of cold milk.  Scoop a couple dollops of the whipped coffee mixture on top,  then sit down in your comfy chair and admire it. Its such a beautiful thing.  Next step is to stir the milk and creme together and you will be rewarded with a summer coffee drink that will make you do the dance of joy (literally…if you drink more than one glassful…its pretty powerful).


I think it would be really easy to make just enough for one or two cups by using 1/2T of coffee, sweetener and hot water.  If coffee keeps you awake, you can use decaffeinated instant coffee.

Did you do something creative today?



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  1. I use the single version of 1 tbsp. coffee, 1 tbsp. water (I use cold) and 1 tbsp. sugar/sweetener. Makes a generous cup for one. I actually put it in my Yeti over ice. Before I had instant coffee (never had it in the house) I used espresso powder and that worked well too, just a bit more sassy.

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