I’ve got Connections.

IMG_8817Holy OMGoodness, its mid-April already.  How are you holding up?  Me, I’m having good days with the occasional bad moments.  On the whole, I have absolutely nothing to complain about….my family is fine, my friends are fine and according to all the news, my region of Canada is fine.  But having said that, there are moments every day or so when I look out the window and wish for the easy “old” days.

I wander around in the yard and see little snippets of spring, just like every other year.  The crocuses are in full bloom; the daffodils  and tulips are getting ready to pop, birds are nesting in the trees and Mother Nature is making sure the earth and all its critters are renewing themselves.   I’m so grateful to know that the world keeps on turning, no matter what happens in this moment.

But having said all that, I do feel a tiny bit disconnected from the world some days.  I don’t like the feeling so I set out to remedy it.  I went on a search for an April mini-quilt that would allow me to reconnect (even if only virtually) with the people who matter the most.  This beautiful block suits the bill perfectly.  Its called “Sisterhood”.  I downloaded it from Happy SEW Lucky Patterns & Kits.  This is the 16″ version, but there is a 12″ version available too.  I chose to add a narrow border to mine, but that’s entirely up to you.  I am calling my version “Connections” and I’m happy to report that piecing it made me feel just that much closer to all the folks I love.

It is very very important to find way to connect with the world virtually while we wait until we can get reconnected in real life. Just saying.



Did you do something creative today?


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  1. It comes and goes in waves, doesn’t it – feeling okay-ish and then not. Sometimes I’m okay with holing up here at home; other times I just want to go back to the freedom of being able to go wander through a shop, or have coffee with a friend. I love this little quilt, and I think I need to make one. Thanks for giving the info for where to find it!


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