My Marvellous March Mini

Its almost the end of March and time for the latest stop on my personal “Mini-a-month” odyssey.   Before I unveil it, I want to say that I have been spending a lot of time while I’m  “sheltering at home” wandering around on Pinterest and my March Mini was definitely influenced by a beautiful quilt I found here at Jackie Sews

Here is mine.



Its name is “Blowin’ in the Breeze”.   Hubby says that it should be called “Great Big Gust” because green leaves don’t blow off trees.  LOL.  He’s correct of course, but I really wanted to work with my green stash, and this is what happened.

Because I believe in full disclosure, and giving credit where credit is due,  here is the photo that inspired me.  Its maker calls it Falling Leaves.  8efb24abce3f310e87478f3c59612702-1.jpg

Did you do something creative today?






  1. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Love this tree!!!!


  2. I love your version of the leaves in the breeze! The greens speak of spring. It feels fresh and light. Beautiful beautiful!😊❤️


  3. Yesterday I sat in my chair most of the day and read to hubs. Okay, I did make bread and I swept the floors, so that’s something. Today I will get back to sewing. I’m playing with my green fabrics too, on an improv piece that I’m kinda excited about. Love your little mini, with the leaves blowin’!


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