In the Blink of an Eye, Everything Changed

It seems as if everything I always though was completely impossible, turns out to be very very possible and things I never even considered in my worst nightmare, are   front of mind from the minute I get up until I go to sleep again.  I know I’m not alone when I say This is just plain crazy.  How can it be that the world has almost completely turned upside down in just over two weeks? It isn’t conceivable.   It’s like we are living in the opening scenes of a Sci-Fi movie.   I know I’m being a drama diva here, but seriously folks things have changed more in the last two weeks than in any other two-week period in my lifetime… and I do not like it, not one little bit.

I live in Canada, and am blessed and grateful to be a Canadian.   I have so many on-line friends in USA and all around the world that I am very very worried about.  You guys know who you are!  Stay safe, and promise me we will stay connected. I want to know if you are OK  – and I want to know if you are not OK too.

Other than curling up in a ball with a box of  chocolates (I was gonna say tissues, but who am I kidding) by your side, watching CNN (which is DEFINITELY NOT fake news) being anxious and apprehensive about whether they will flatten that curve, what are you doing to stay sane? IMHO its more important than ever that we give ourselves permission every day to do simple things that give us pleasure.

I have heard so many people say that they feel completely off balance.  Some of my friends are saying they cannot focus on anything and they find it difficult to start something new, much less finish anything.  Well I say that is a very dangerous place to be.  I am trying to maintain my routines as much as possible.  I am lucky that I’m retired and my day is not based around work but there are tons of people who aren’t as lucky as me.      For what its worth, my mantra is get up, get dressed, go for a walk, read a book, connect on Facebook and do something, anything to get yourself out of the dark place.

Sew, what am I doing?  Well naturally I’m working on a new project.  I am making a “Temperature Quilt”. You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or some other social media platform, but if not then go ahead and google it.  There are tons of beautiful samples out there.  I love this project for right now.  It’s pressure free and perfect because it cannot be finished until after December 31.  Its also great because if I don’t feel like sewing, I can pre-cut background pieces, or do the research for the temperature data.  Here is the pattern I’ve chosen to make.  I love it for two reasons—1) the pattern was designed by a Canadian quilter and 2) OMGoodness its beautiful.


If you want to download this free pattern, just click right here! Perhaps you too will be the proud maker of a quilt that will remind you that you survived and thrived in 2020 every time you see it.

I’m not gonna lie, there is a little planning needed, but really I cannot think of a better time to plan for the future than right now.  You know we are gonna get through this, so why not confirm that by starting something that won’t be finished until all of this is in the rear view window!

For your viewing pleasure, here are some fotos that may inspire you to get started. Please ignore or forgive my less-than-stellar photography skills.  Also please forgive all those smudges on the 2” strips.  I used markers on the first ones, then  switched  to a chalk marking pen for the next ones I cut.  FYI, its uber-important to keep track of which temperature range matches each strip and this is the method that works for me.

Note:  PEI doesn’t not have a large range of temperatures so I decided against using the hottest and coldest temperatures in the colour key.

My Colour Key – Naturally I changed it after I took the photo — Sigh!
Here is the version I ended up using.
BG pieces all cut and accounted for
January 2020. Done and dusted

Today I was piecing the March 2020 row using data for Stanhope PE I downloaded from Environment Canada when I had an  awesome “aha” moment.  I decided to commemorate this unique time we are living in.  I changed  the background fabric beginning on the first day hubby and I began social distancing and decided to shelter at home.  That day was March 16 and so every day from then until when this whole crisis is over the temperatures will be set with greyscale background fabrics.  I really really hope that it will be back to LV neutrals by mid July.  Fingers crossed.


I will continue to post pics as the year progresses.  Stay safe and well everyone. If you are making a 2020 temperature quilt, let me know about it in the comments.

Did you do something creative today?






9 thoughts on “In the Blink of an Eye, Everything Changed

  1. I’m in North Carolina and we’re managing: staying at home, walking outside in our neighborhood, waving to neighbors enjoying the weather from a distance. I’m lucky enough to still have a job and am working from home.

    I love the idea of using a differnt color background to represent the days of sheltering in place or self isolating! Great idea! Have you seen that the MQG is planning an exhibit of temperature quilts? I think it’s for 2021 but it could be 2022. Anyway, your take would be an interesting one. I’ve been wanting to do a temperature quilt but haven’t yet taken the plunge mostly so as not to start (yet another) new project.

    Stay well, Velda!


  2. This is such a fun project, and your pattern looks very well laid out! Thanks for sharing. I’m thinking about picking up this project, but using sort of a rotating geese layout. I’ll be sure to share this with my friends.


  3. Well written post reflecting a lot of what we are all feeling and experiencing. Here in BC it even snowed on the 24th so the weather is even off kilter this year! It will be a year to remember. Love your temperature Quilt. I was going to do it but haven’t had time! I’ve been making masks, doing secret sewing for blog hops and trying to finish UFO’s. Trying to avoid the squirrels and only had one DrEAMI attack so far this year!


  4. Hi Velda, we are in self-isolation here in Myrtle Beach, SC. We only go out for groceries and I’ve been ordering in any sewing supplies I need. I really, really like this temperature quilt pattern…I think I’m going to have to search my solid stash to see if I might have enough. I definitely have enough low volume and grays for the background. Thanks for the idea!!!


  5. Hi Velda, I’m a displaced Canadian who lives in the northeast of England. While in lockdown I am going from EPP work to a hand quilting project. I love the Temperature quilt. I may just have to add it to me To-Do List. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay in and be well x


  6. Hi, you have found a good slow project to work on. Great pattern! I too am making a temperature quilt and I have managed to make it a QAL here in Finland. My pattern is very easy since I wanted to have time for other projects too. Stay safe!


  7. As much as I don’t like what we’re going through right now, I do like the way you have chosen to commemorate it with the gray shades. This is going to be a fun quilt. We are sheltering in place here in Minnesota. Our daughter is in Florida but doing fine. We are finding a routine and settling in. We have food and TP, so we are set. I have plenty of fabric and thread, and I’m reading a book aloud to my hubby in the evenings when we tire of binge TV. Take care, and keep in touch!


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