Hubby and me – A portrait for the Ages.

Its time for my Mini of the Month post again. And, trust me, my January mini is pretty dang amazing.  But before I share it with you,  I just have to say one more time this is clearly the most awesome idea I’ve had in ages.  I am  smack-dab in the middle of a love affair with piecing and quilting mini quilts.

Why is that? Because I love the gloriously giddy feeling I get when I look at something that I created from start to finish in one short month.

I am excited to share this fabric portrait I made of me and hubby.  Its a pretty good likeness if I do say so myself.


Should you wish to make your own version of this portrait, the above mini was an amalgamation of these two great patterns by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.  The Cow Girl quilt finished a couple inches longer, so I added some hoofs to the Hipster Horse. (which don’t show in the photo I took, but just so you know).

Cow Girls in Pearls
Hipster Horse

and here is the link to Lorna’s Etsy shop.  Sew Fresh Quilts

Did you do something creative today?

5 thoughts on “Hubby and me – A portrait for the Ages.

  1. HaHa, love it. If there was anyone who would make a self portrait like that of themselves and their hubby it would have to be you. You are such a scream.


  2. You are clearly having a great time in your sewing room – haha! Love the portrait and all your horsing around. Lorna’s patterns are very fun. I love making mini quilts for the same reason!


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