I did it… I made a “Boxy Pouch”

Okay this is not a big deal to most folks, but Holy Heck Hermione, its a watershed moment for me.  I have only once before in my life installed (is that even the correct term?) a zipper and it did not go well.  I’m pretty sure my high school Home-Economics teacher took it out and redid it for me.  But this one I did all by myself!

Why is that so important?  Because late last year, I signed up with other members of PEIMQG to do a “Pouch Swap” with the Victoria BC MQG.  I did so with some serious trepidation because 1) I had never made an actual pouch before, and as mentioned above 2) Zippers freak me out!  I cannot SEW!

Then last week I got an e-mail from the swap coordinator introducing me to my swap-partner and confirming deadlines etc.  My swap buddy indicated she would like to have a smallish boxy pouch for carrying scissors, small Quilty tools etc.  Yikes!!! I would Definitely have to do some research and quickly. And….I would have to go buy a couple zippers.  True story, there is not one single zipper in my sewing room.

But first, I needed to see if there were any simple patterns for pouches out there.  Good news, there are lots.  After reading through a few and watching some videos I decided this pouch would be the one for me.  There was a short video tutorial included with the Pinterest Pin, and it seemed like something I could handle.

According to the pattern, I was supposed to cut a rectangle of fabric, backing and batting and quilt it before beginning to sew the pouch.

Before I go any further, I have a question for you.  Have you ever made a quilt that despite your best efforts, didn’t turn out like you hoped it would?  I bet you do.  I have several tucked away in a cupboard and every time I look at them  I wish there was something “happy”  I could do with them.

Specifically, a couple years ago I made a little quilt to showcase some Michael Miller fabrics that I fell in love with.  This morning I remembered it was hidden away in my cupboard.  I thought….why don’t I just cut a 15 x 15.5″ rectangle from that little quilt (because its already quilted after all…and I’m never going to do anything with it).

SO THAT’S WHAT I DID.  I cut up a perfectly good quilt and used it to make the pouch.  And I’m not even sorry I did it, because the pouch is so much cuter than the quilt was….AND, there is enough left over to make another one that I will actually share with my partner now that I’ve made a test pouch and know its doable.

Did you do something creative today?



4 thoughts on “I did it… I made a “Boxy Pouch”

  1. The pouch IS cute! I have cut up a quilt and made place mats from it, and there may be more to come. I’ve also donated quilts I’m not crazy about along with quilts made specifically for donation (some of which I really DID like!). It does help to wait a few months, after being disappointed in a quilt, to decide what to do with it.


  2. It looks great! Way to make something you are happy with from something you weren’t using and didn’t love! I’m also scared of zippers and am rubbish at 3D projects like pouches, though I’d like to get better.


  3. Yay for you making a boxed pouch! I made a few for more daughter last fall, and I thought it was interesting finding the best/easiest tutorial. There are many out there; some good, some not. Thanks for sharing the link! And the pouch is really cute!


  4. Thank you for including the link to the pouch and video. Also, I commend you for remaking a “failed” project into something that looks so cute! It gives me hope that I can do the same thing. Congrats.


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