Well I’m not gonna lie, it feels good to be able to say with just the tiniest bit of snootyness in my voice,  “Please DO come to the Grand Opening of my Exhibit at the Eptek Centre on Sunday”… not that I haven’t spoken in a somewhat snooty voice before, but OMG this time, there is actually a Grand Opening and it is at the Cultural Centre on PEI, so possibly, perhaps there is a degree of deservedness in the snootiness.

Okay all joking aside, this is a banner month for the PEIMQG, of which I am a member.  We have been planning an exhibit of modern quilts for over 2 years and last Sunday, we were able to invite everyone to the Grand Opening of our Exhibit – Quilting Forward.

This was the poster provided by the centre. It showcases the quilt that the Guild is raffling off in 2019.  It was designed and pieced by members in a couple weekends after one of our members graciously offered a stack of orphan blocks left over from another quilt top.  Thank you to Cathy for that and to all the members who gave up a couple Saturdays to piece this together and of course, a huge thank you goes to Liz over at Blueberry Cove for doing such an awesome job on the long-arm quilting machine.


It truly is stunning and possibly does look a tiny bit like a lobster, which is totally appropriate as a representation of our tiny Island.

So do you want to see some of the quilts hanging in the gallery?  I knew you did, so here goes.  I confess I didn’t personally take photos of all of them, but as others share their photos, I will be sharing with you here.  Please remember this is just a tiny sampling of the talent hanging on display.

First up, here is our President’s Challenge quilt from 2018.  We were given a selection of  of solid fabrics and asked to make a block with a nautical theme.  We are a very small Guild and many of us participated.  Several of the members created words out of nautical flags, others built lighthouses, sail boats and buoys. My personal favourite block (well I have 3) are the sail boats with the flying geese on the sail, the lighthouse with the beam pointing to the shore and the beautiful seahorse.  Nope, none of them are mine – mine is the buoy.IMG_0423.jpg

The next quilt I have to share with you is just simply amazing.  I don’t even know what to say about it…other than I’m so lucky to have Janice as a friend.  I hope some of her talent rubs off on me.  This is her grandson, Callum.  Janice pieced and appliquéd the block, and did all the quilting on it herself.  Truly stunning. IMG_0428.jpg

There is a Viewer’s Choice Rosette to be shared with one of our members at the end of the Exhibit.  I’m not sure how anyone will be able to choose one favourite, but after some agonizing, I narrowed it down to these 3. IMG_0449.jpg




All are gorgeous, which one would you choose?  I wonder if its possible to vote 3 times?

Finally, I’ll show you the two quilts I entered into the Exhibit. First up is “My Sister, My Friend”. And yes, that’s me beside the quilt.  Can you guess which one of the four sisters I am…. The others are Gwenneth, Rebecca and Donna.  And you’ll have to go to the Exhibit to see which of us is which.



This one is “I tried Improv”.  It is the result of a One Week Improv Challenge hosted on line this spring by Amy Ellis.

I hope you like our quilts.  I am so insanely proud of my Guild.  I will share photos of other quilts as they are shared on social media.  I don’t want to show them all….because I’d really love it if you took a few moments out of your day and dropped in to see them all in person.  When you get there, check out the beautiful Queen Bee Quilt that Susan Paddock put together — and the sophisticated purple and grey beauty by Heather Jarmyn.  And, if you really want to smile, make sure you see Helen’s Flamingos.  Seriously there is so much talent in this Guild, it humbles me.

and FYI, the quilt at the top of this blog post is Liz’s version of Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman.  This was a quilt that a group of us worked on over the course of a year.  Linda’s version is on display at the exhibit too.

Come see the exhibit.  Its going to be on until May 10, 2019 at the Eptek Centre in Summerside PEI.

Did you do something creative today?




  1. thedarlingdogwood says:

    Wow, there are some amazing quilts here! I would not be able to pick just one favorite, and I’ve only seen a fraction of what is there! I love your sisters quilt. Is the penguin you sent me named after your sister? (Slight spelling difference, or different name?) I hope you get big crowds at the show!


  2. zippyquilts says:

    Congratulations! And I would vote for the 1st of your 3 viewers’ choice picks, but indeed it would be hard to choose!


  3. To everyone who read the blog yesterday, I made a huge mistake and I apologize. The feature quilt at the header on the post was pieced by Liz, not Jean. It is of course stunning and after Liz pieced it she put it on her long arm machine and quilted it her self. Liz I am so sorry I got this wrong yesterday. I feel terrible that you didn’t get the credit you deserved for your beautiful quilt.


  4. Joy Love says:

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous quilts. I can’t decide which one I like best.


  5. It is quite apparent that you are a rainbow lover! You have every right to be proud of your guild. WOW! That is some amazing talent all in one group of ladies. I love the nautical quilt you all made. I’ve seen your other quilts before (wonderful, as usual) but I don’t remember seeing “I Tried Improv”. So you tried it, and I think you did it pretty darn well! Are you or are you not a fan of improv? 🙂


  6. Wow! So many gorgeous quilts! Janine’s quilt is just amazing. Fun to see you and your sisters in fabric. I’m guessing you are the top right sister? Thanks for sharing; hope the show goes well!


  7. rl2b2017 says:

    OMG!! Callum’s quilt is beyond . . . words. Amazing! What a talent she is. What a fun exhibition, and I am so thrilled for you to be showing and sharing your quilts. Happy Tuesday. ~smile~ Roseanne


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