2019 a.k.a. “The year of appliqué”

Holy OMG. Did you ever decide to do something so scary that you hyperventilate every time you allow yourself to think about it. Of course not, because you are a GROWN UP PERSON  Me, not so much apparently.

I, along with some friends from one of my on-line sewing bees, signed up for the Sarah Fielke, 2019 BOM entitled Coming Home.  It begins on January 31, 2019 and runs through the whole year.  I hafta say the finished quilt promises to be stunning….if I can keep it together and get it done.  The quilt is a combination of appliqué and pieced blocks.  Most folks are going to be honing their needle turn appliqué skills on this one, but I’m still thinking I might do a raw edge technique of some kind.

Here are most of the fabrics that I am planning to use.  The confetti  F8ths will be for star points in the centre, the black/white yardage is for alternating backgrounds and that lovely grunge bundle will be what I use to build the houses.


…and I think I’m going to purchase a FQ bundle of some soft coloured solids – maybe one of these, because I am not good at anything even slightly resembling a limited color scheme.



Do you want to see my drawing of what the quilt will look like.  Sure you do.  Check it out.  FYI I coloured the backgrounds in before I found the black/white background fabrics but now I think I should have gone with grunge backgrounds too.


And that my friends is ALL I plan to be working on for the entire year.  I will finish up some WIPs in the downtime between block drops and I am taking part in Stash Bee again this year.   I’m pretty sure I have my hands full.

AND….this is my final post for the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.  Happy New Year to everyone.


Did you do something creative today?


5 thoughts on “2019 a.k.a. “The year of appliqué”

  1. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen and the mock up you’ve done! It will be worth the effort! In answer to your first question – yes, frequently! I’m sure you’ll find it much less stressful than you imagine. Well done on all those blog posts!


  2. I love your fabric choices!!!! Especially the confetti. I look forward to watching this take shape! And for what it’s worth, I LOVE that you are incapable of a limited color palette! You have such great style!


  3. That’s going to be a fun and challenging quilt project. Your fabrics will be amazing for it; make it sparkle and shine. Congratulations on making the 31 days blog challenge happen. I enjoyed reading every one. Happy New Year!


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