My Year in Review – Part II

This is my second post about 2018.  To read the first one, you can click right here. 

Here is the big big news!  I designed a quilt pattern in 2018.  Holy Heck Hermione, how impossibly awesome is that!

Words cannot express how crazy excited I am about this accomplishment. Its definitely a GOAL REACHED moment.

Here’s how it happened.  In early 2018 our Guild put out a request for members to offer suggestions for  our 2018 Raffle Quilt design. I had made a “soft” goal of improving my curved piecing skills this year, so I was playing with simple Drunkard’s Path blocks and partial piecing and came up with this simply great quilt block design.


which I shared with my Guild.  I was surprised and thrilled when they decided to use this block design.  Here is the finished quilt our Guild put together in just a couple “sew days”.  Thank you again ladies.


Another Guild member, Cathy V, suggested that I submit the quilt design to Make Modern Magazine (an on-line publication for Modern Quiltmakers), so I did….AND THEY ACCEPTED IT FOR PUBLICATION.  Which means 2018 was the year I had my first quilt pattern published.  This is a picture of the pattern that was published.

makemodernissue24-page-009 2.jpg

And that’s not all….I had two more quilt patterns accepted for publication in Make Modern in 2018. The 2nd one is a pattern I call “Tic Tac Tango”.  This is her.  She appeared in Issue No. 25.


I cannot share the pictures of the other quilt yet, because it is going to appear in the January, 2019 issue.  Stay tuned for fotos and the story of how it came to be in January.

There were about a gazillion moments of ahh-someness in 2018.  So many in fact that I could write for hours about it.  But I won’t.  Let me just say what it boils down to  at the end of the day…or in this case, the year is this….My 2018 was a year of growth and change as a quilt maker.  How was yours.

Oh…also stay tuned for a post about goals for 2019.  I am thrilled and terrified in equal measure about the main thing I am planning for next year.


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  1. Congrats on your published patterns! I have a subscription to Make Modern now and it’s sew exciting to see your name as one of the designers in the table of contents and in the teaser emails! Looking forward to seeing the third pattern next month!


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