2018 – In my World – Part I

I’m taking a page from Jen Strauser’s  blog, Dizzy Quilter and am spending some time today reflecting on Quilty things (and other things too) that happened in my little corner of the planet in 2018.

Before I start, I hafta say I’m so not a person who is brave enough to boldly state my goals out loud for the whole world to hear.  Nope I’m not.  I’m sorry to say I usually give myself permission to think about goals in the dark of the night, usually when I’m having trouble sleeping (which doesn’t often help me fall asleep…sigh).

That just seems wrong doesn’t it?  YES IT DOES.  So effectively immediately (why wait for 2019) that is gonna change. I’m gonna tell you guys about things I was planning, or had started this time last year…. Some of them were successful, some were not but I learned something from everything I started this year.  And then, at the end I will share with you my goals for 2019.

It all begins with

My Blog…My Story…About Me

Late in 2017 I realized I wanted to update my blog to reflect where my Quilty interests were focussed.  I knew I was becoming a modern quilter and I wanted my follower/friends and anyone who dropped by my blog to know that…and…I wanted folks who were considering “clicking” to visit my blog to have a good idea of where they were going before they jumped.  After some soul searching I  realized I had to re-name my blog to make this happen.    As many of you know, this time last year I was blogging as “GrannyCanQuilt”, which BTW is a perfectly good blog name, but it wasn’t a good fit for me anymore.  I wanted to be more than just a grandma who quilted and chatted about it online.  I wanted my name to be fresh and friendly and I wanted it to reflect how happy I am to be living and quilting in Canada’s tiniest and most beautiful province.  So FreckledFoxQuiltery was born and I’ve never looked back.  Now my blog really does reflect who I am and I’m proud of it every day.

QALs, WIPs, BOMs, DrEAMis and the occasional Squirrel

Hmmm….for sure in 2018 there were a lot of projects on and off my cutting table.  In November of 2017 I started a weekly on-line QAL with Leila of Sewn by Leila.  It was called “Year of Scrappy Triangles.” I’m proud to say that I finished every single one of the 6 1/2″ pieced triangle blocks and even made the extra ones.  In fact I made two of each one.  Here is an example.

  • IMG_6138

Now I have 100+ of these lovely scrappy 6 1/2″ HSTs that I’m planning to put together into a quilt top in 2019.  I’m looking forward to taking this one to the Retreat my Guild is hosting in March, 2019.  Stay tuned to see how it will look when its finished.

PEIMQG Star Burst Blossom Mystery QAL

This one was a blast.  I loved every minute of it…and I didn’t even know what I was making until it was finished.  The mystery quilt was designed by my o-so-talented Guild member/friend, Cathy Victor. It began in September, 2017 and continued monthly until July 15, 2018.  It started out just within our Guild and within a few weeks, there were people and Guilds all across Canada taking part in it. I decided to make 5 blocks which I turned into a fabulous table runner for the dining room.


My Wicked and Wonderful Personal Favorites Summer Sampler series (aka WWPFSS).

This was a DrEAMi (Drop Everything and Make it) project.  It was a solitary effort, but it was still a BOM because I only made one block per month.  My plan was to make a block every month and blog about it.  I’m happy to say I did manage to blog about it every month until the blocks were made—but I didn’t blog about finishing it or the setting I chose for it.  Here is the finished quilt. I love it and think its a great example of a modern sampler quilt.



Oda May’s Summer Camp. QAL

This one started in June 2018 and was finished by the end of the summer.  Its a medallion quilt QAL hosted by the lovely people at Moda and I really like the way it was set up.  There was a centre block (a choice of two were given) and then 2 blocks were posted per week and participants chose which path they wanted to take.  This resulted in a whole bunch of fabulous quilts – I don’t think there were two the same.  Because it was a medallion quilt, we also received instructions every week for filler borders .  I finished the quilt top in record time, then decided to make two more (seriously folks I’m not kidding).  None of these are quilted yet…but here for your viewing pleasure are two of the 3 medallion flimsys I made this year based loosely on the Camp Oda May template.  IMG_6651.JPGIMG_7011.jpg

Thats all I’m going to share for today.  Next week I’ll post some more about the patchwork choices I made last year.  There were some fabulous successes and at least one dream came true.   Stay tuned.

Did you do something creative today?


5 thoughts on “2018 – In my World – Part I

  1. I discovered your blog recently, and I am a huge fan. I look forward to reading every post. And I love your quilts. Being brave and stepping out of our comfort zones is not easy, but what a rush to our system when we do. Here’s to a brave, creative, and love-filled 2019. Happy New Year!


  2. I love the final quilt of your Wiked and Wonderful quilt, Velda!!!! I enjoyed seeing the blocks as you made them and the finished quilt is beautiful! You make such lovely bright and cheerful quilts with bright fabrics!


  3. The hardest part of renaming my blog was figuring out who I am…and then figuring out how to make my name reflect that. If you are thinking about a name change, search it on the internet about 1000 different ways…you might be surprised and quite possibly unhappy with blogs that have a similar name to yours. I’m speaking from experience. There is a blog out there that’s very close name wise to mine, with questionable content. Had I known this, I would have chosen something else. Let me know what you choose.

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  4. I didn’t realize you changed the name of your blog; I think I must’ve started following you after the change. Were there any challenges or difficulties making the change (I’ve considered it, so I’m curious). You had a fun year of projects; that table runner is fabulous!


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