Give Your Cell Phone some Lovin…

I asked my PEIMQG friend Lucinda if she would like to try “guest blogging” for me and she said “Yes”!  She asked what I wanted her to talk about and I said she could tell a Christmas Story, or make something to share, or even make a tutorial if she wanted to.  I’m happy to share Lucinda’s quick method to make a cell phone cover/hanger.  THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.


Well I have been thinking for awhile that I really should make a “hanger “ for my cell phone , You see I listen to Old Time Radio shows in bed at night. Some nights it falls to the floor after I’m asleep.  Most nights it gets shoved under the pillow where there is no air circulation so it gets quite hot.

Neither situation is good for the cell phone.

So this morning I was tiding up and an old cut off scrap of a braid block found its way into my hand.  It hollered at me to get off my butt and make the a darn cell phone hanger….finally!!!  So I said OK,  alright already! (lol – don’t tell me your fabric doesn’t talk to you, I know it does).

Two triangles were needed to square up the partial braid block.  Then some batting and backing were needed. Two sides of quilting would not provide enough air circulation…hmm… I know! I have some screening leftovers. After 10 minutes, voila, Just enough.



Trial and error meant I had to cut everything in half and then sew it back together to get the right size, but it worked. (I used one of my fancy stitches). So… A quick quilting of the block, batting and backing finished, then I was on to the binding  I put one piece across the top edge of the quilted piece. another across the top of the screen, layered it altogether and bound the edges catching all in.   Start at one side ,go down across the bottom and up the other. When you get back to the top leave enough binding for a hanger and reattach at the top of the side you started on . Finish as you would a quilt and ta-da!


Now I have a hanger for my phone.

and I (Velda) think its pretty dang cute.  Did you do something creative today?  If anybody wants a more detailed tutorial for this really smart little item, I’m sure I could convince Lucinda to make a picto-toot with a few more details.  Leave me a note in the comments below.
PS.   This counts as another blog post in the 31 day Blog Writing Challenge being hosted over at

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