Martha Stewart I’m Not

According to Martha Stewart, you too can have a perfect Christmas….if you are organized and follow this simple set of instructions….Hold your breath folks, this is gonna hurt.

  • December 1 – Make homemade cookies – pretty homemade cookies are best.
  • christmas-3015808_960_720.jpg
  • December 2 – Craft and make your own Christmas Cards – Don’t forget the paperboy!
  • December 3 – Prepare for Guests by decorating the guest room(s)
  • December 4 – Stock up the liquor cabinet (this one I can definitely check off my list)
  • Unknown-3.jpeg
  • December 5 – Test drive a couple of the best Christmas Cocktails (yup, did this one too)
  • December 6 – Start planning the Christmas Dinner Menu
  • December 7 – Make flavoured butters and freeze – Seriously!! what is Christmas without Tarragon butter for the whipped potatoes
  • December 8 – Make a small homemade favours for each table setting – (22 small homemade gifts for our house)
  • box-2953722_960_720.jpg
  • December 9 – Plan your family Secret Santa Gift Exchange
  • December 10 – Make something especially thoughtful  for your in-laws guest room
  • December 11 – Restock the liquor cabinet
  • Unknown-4.jpeg
  • December 12  – Homemade gift wrap is easy and thoughtful. Make your own!
  • December 13 – Relax and make something special for dinner tonight
  • December 14 – Set up a semi-permanent gift wrapping station
  • December 15 – Who wants Appentizers? Because a sit down family dinner for 22 is not enough to say I love you.
  • December 16 – Start planning the seating arrangements for a perfect Xmas dinner
  • December 17 – Lets have a craft day with the grandkids
  • Unknown-5.jpeg
    Image taken from Google Images
  • December 18 – Today’s the day-  to make Christmas Candy – simply fun
  • December 19 – Stock your pantry and never worry again.
  • December 20 – Table Settings – Clean the silver and wash all the tableware for a sparkly clean Christmas
  • December 21 – See December 4 and December 11
  • Unknown-6.jpeg
  • December 22 – Start your Christmas Dinner with a light and lovely soup – make homemade stock today.
  • December 23 – Make Paper Plate Angels for the table
  • Unknown-7.jpeg
  • December 24 – Fill in any remaining gaps in the menu for tomorrow
  • December 25 – Give Santa a kiss for that perfect gift he brought you…..
  • Unknown-8.jpeg

And in case you thought this helpful article would be finished on Christmas, well you’d be wrong….

  • December 26 – Start planning a memorable New Year’s Eve Get Together
  • December 27 – Come to our house for a Hot Toddy
  • Unknown-9.jpeg
  • December 28 – Ideas for journaling in 2019
  • December 29 – Appies for New Year’s Eve – Make and Take something Special
  • December 30 – Before your big night out, enjoy a quiet night in crafting and completing some of your WIPs
  • December 31 – Stay up until its Midnight in Newfoundland, then fall into an exhausted slumber until January 3, 2019.
  • Unknown.jpeg

Seriously…. did you do something creative today?

Its December 23, 2018 and I’m still posting every day img_7104-3

 All the photos in this post are free images I found on Google Images. Enjoy your day.






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