I am an Arkansas Traveller.

Not really….But perhaps someday.

Right now I’m still here and looking at my calendar, unable to believe its October 1 already.  Yikes….summer is definitely over and it looks like we are gonna have a lovely long cool autumn here on PEI.  Many of my neighbours are already decorating their porches and driveways with pumpkins and corncob people.  This is definitely my favourite season of the year. How about you?


And because its the first of the month….its time for you to meet the next block on my Wicked and Wonderful Personal Favourite Modern Sampler Quilt (WWPFMSQ).

This one is called Arkansas Traveler. It is from the blog “Freshly Pieced” by Lee Heinrich. *Full disclosure…I made two of these fabulous blocks.  The first one didn’t turn out the way I intended it to…that’s my bad…and nothing to do with the pattern….and everything to do with me! Sigh.. Anyhow, here are Arkansas Traveler 1 and 2 for your viewing pleasure.  One of these will be featured on the front of the quilt and the other will add beautifulness to the back of the quilt.


I am having a whole lot of fun piecing this quilt.  I am almost finished the piecing stage and ready to start planning the putting it together stage.  I cannot wait to see where this all ends up.

And because its October and time for fall decorating….My inquiring mind wants to know where are people getting those fabulous teal green/blue pumpkins that are showing up on front porches everywhere?   I believe they are called “Australian Blue”.  They are definitely on my “must grow” list for 2019, if I can find some seeds.  Have you seen them?  Apparently they are wonderful for pie-making.  Ohhh Pumpkin Pie.  October is a  wonderful month!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


Another image courtesy of Pinterest.


A beautiful image of a blue pumpkin…courtesty of Pinterest.



4 thoughts on “I am an Arkansas Traveller.

  1. Your modern blocks are looking fantastic!! The bright oranges and deep blues are my favorite. On the pumpkin front—- I have never seen such beautiful pumpkins. I may just have to spray paint a few to get one or two of my own!😊❤️❤️


  2. I laughed i am in Australia and i always wanted orange and yellow pumpkins not our queensland blues different people different wishes,


  3. Two lovely blocks, but I don’t know which is the right one and which was unintended, they both look great to me and the back is the perfect place to put leftover blocks. I love autumn too, though not so much the wind and rain we have been having in the UK recently. Love all the pumpkins though we don’t have them much over here, the only time I see a big display in the supermarket is on Guy Fawkes ( when we celebrate the foiling of a plot to blow up parliament centuries ago in case you don’t know).


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