Happy Hop Day

A picture is worth a thousand words…and my feature foto is courtesy of Junque 2 Jewels.  Should you ever been in the market for a unique door mat, look no further, just sayin.

I’m excited to be taking part in this Blog Hop with a bunch of wonderfully talented folks.


Quilters who are new to blogging should consider this “hop” next time it happens.  I learned lots and want to thank our hosts Sandra at MMM Quilts, Tish at Tish n’Wonderland , Jen at Dizzy Quilter and Beth at  Cooking Up Quilts. All of them freely gave us their time and words of wisdom and encouragement this year.  I heartily recommend it.

FYI, I’m in Hive 2 and we call ourselves “In Stitches” We are all buttoned up by Carrie. Check out her handiwork.  Your can also go visit her blog…its the first one on the list below.


Actually, if you really want to be amazed and awe-struck, you should absolutely take a few minutes to check all the blogs on the agenda below for this week.

Now that you’re back…Do you want to know a bit about me? Spoiler alert! I am NOT good at tooting my own horn; however I am happy to share these details about me.

  1. I am writing this post at 7:30 a.m. and confess I have been up for a couple hours already.  (BTW back in the 20th century when I was still dreaming about retirement, I DID NOT imagine getting up at the crack-of-dawn ever…nope I did not). Apparently its painless to get up in the morning, when I have the whole day unfolding in front of me and I can do whatever I want to. Who knew,
  2. I recently forfeited all my daily cooking chores to my hubby….unless I have an unstoppable desire for chocolate chip cookies.  Hubby, sadly, does not bake. But happily, he will join me in eating any goodies that come out of the oven.
  3. Ditto on all the daily cleaning chores.  I am consistently able to find something better to do than housework.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my hubby? I do! I do!
  4. I no longer feel the need to primp and fuss frantically with my personal appearance before going out into the world. A quick dip into the shower, and flick with the hairbrush is good enough most days.  (FYI you should call before you come over, as I may still be in my house-pants – aka pyjamas – at noon)
  5. I am the proud parent of  two poodle children..yes I said “parent” and “poodle children”. I’ve turned into one of those persons who treats her pets as her children. (Hubby may be into this one as well).

Now on to some other things about me that are consistent with the theme of the post.

  • I am a quilter/maker /lover of all things created by a person’s own hand.
  • I have a mama’s  pride in every single quilt I ever birthed.  Even the wonky weird ones that make me wonder “why did I do that?” Here is a line up of traditional quilts by me.  (this was taken a while back before I discovered my style was morphing into  “modern” quilting).

Nowadays I am loving on all things modern.   I recently began (again) designing quilts myself.  Here are some fotos of the modern quilt blocks and quilts that I am piecing or just finishing this month.

Which way is UP?

A Sneak Peak at Merry-Go-Round
My version of The Avenue by Jen Kingwell.
  • Some days, I think my head might explode because there are approximately twelve gazillion quilts bouncing around in there angling to get out into the real world.
  • I blog about quilts and quilting because this is my passion.  I am proud to be part of this itty bitty piece of cyberspace and love to share my story with anyone who wants to listen.

At the end of the day and when I wake up in the morning, I am Velda, a person who is

  • old enough to have escaped  from the routine of work-home-sleep-do it all over again, with my sanity (more or less) intact.
  • young enough to dream about things I will still create.
  • o-so-glad to be enjoying a simple fulfilling lifestyle;
  • married to my one true love;  and
  • Relaxed in my own skin, and hopeful that I may yet become someone better.

I have two blogging tips to share with you today.

  1. Brainstorm ideas for posts from your followers and from blogs you love.  When you do this, it’s nice to link back to the blogger who sparked an idea to let them know how their words inspired you. (And perhaps they will come visit you, you will get a new follower, and the blogger love will continue to grow). And, always always always give proper credit to the originator of any material you put on your site.
  2. Find your own voice and always write for yourself first.
Did I mention there are prizes for anyone who visits our blogs? You may be a lucky winner! To get all the eligibility info, and see what is being offered by the fabulous folks in the Quilty universe who are sponsoring this event, visit Sandra at MMM Quilts, or any of the other three hosts. You will be happy you did.

And finally…I’m curious.

What is it about quilting that makes your heart go pitty-pat?  For me, its the wonderful modern fabrics being released on line and in stores everywhere. I get giddy whenever I  see all the saturated colours, linear patterns and LV fabrics that make even basic blocks shine.   I confess that I spend way more time shopping on-line than is good for me or my wallet. How about you…what do you love about quilting and piecing?


  1. We have a lot in common! My husband does a lot of the cooking in our house too, while I work full-time (he is a consultant), and we both dote over our poodle-cross dog. My head might also explode with all the ideas in it. I am also comfy in my own skin and glad of it.
    I do this because I like making. If it were not fabric, I think I could be passionate about making other things, like carpentry.


  2. radie3 says:

    Great post! 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Merry Go Round quilt…there’s so much movement!


  3. zippyquilts says:

    That’s a great pic of your traditional quilts on a line! Love it!


  4. Heather J says:

    Great post Velda! Love the clothesline of quilts! Love oogling modern fabrics and adding to my LV stash…can’t get enough… Whenever I have a chance, I love to hear from people in the industry tell their story. Keep on blogging.


  5. Nicole Sender says:

    I love all your quilts!!! So sweet and colorful!


  6. Lisa Marie says:

    I love most everything about making quilts! Scrappy quilts and paper piecing are particular favorites of mine. Enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.


  7. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    I can’t wait to start a new quilt creation so I enjoy blogs & pinterest etc for new, fresh ideas.


  8. Adrienne says:

    Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. What a great blog! I’m so glad I found you through the blog hop. I think my favourite part about quilting, other than dreaming up new quilts and colour combos, is the assembly of the tops. I am working toward becoming a strong free motion quilter as well.
    Looking forward to following your adventures.


  9. no3quiltstudio@gmail.com says:

    Hi Velda, It’s lovely to meet another passionate quilter. I am into quilting because I looove fabrics. The best time spent is in a fabric shop and these days online! dangerous! I am glad you are enjoying retirement or shall I say self employment 🙂 I love your tip about blogging, about writing for yourself, that makes it so enjoyable.


  10. Hi Velda!

    It was nice “meeting” you during the hop, and I enjoyed reading your post.

    About the pyjamas, you could just start calling it your “quilting uniform”. Remember that personal comfort is important to the creative process! I look forward to, eventually, having the option of getting up in the morning and staying at home. It will be SO lovely!

    My favorite part of quilt design is when inspiration strikes, at last, and I’m able to get the idea out of my head and onto the paper.

    Happy quilting,


  11. thedarlingdogwood says:

    So lovely to see you back on the hop, Velda! I love seeing the combination of quilts from your traditional roots and your more recent, bright, cheerful quilts.


  12. Peg Miller says:

    My husband does all the flat surfaces, so I haven’t done floors for years. I cook, he does dishes. I like quilting so I can use up my stash. I love your which way up quilt.


  13. allisonreidnem says:

    Lovely post 🙂 I’m struggling to think of just one thing I love about Patchwork & Quilting. Maybe it’s that: making a quilt is a process involving distinct stages and skills so there is variety and a mix of challenges along the way. It’s never boring!


  14. Great intro post! I love fabric shopping. I wish people would hire me to do it for them. I’d put great quilts together for them and be able to spend their money with no problem. I also love doing the cutting. Why, I’ve been known to skip buying a jelly roll and buy yardage and cut myself a jelly roll. Only problem is, I usually end up with lots of the same jelly rolls because one can get a lot of 2.5″ cuts out of a yard of fabric. I’d never think to buy less than a yard. After all, I might run out.


  15. spierssusan says:

    WOW! Look at all your wonderful quilts! I love paper-piecing, a picture in fabric!


  16. Lynne Stucke says:

    Although I haven’t yet learned to fully appreciate modern quilts/quilting, I am intrigued by your Which Way’s Up block . . . Love it, in fact! Good luck in your new blogging adventure!


  17. Lovely quilts!!! (I get up early to quilt too!!!)


  18. Georgia says:

    I love to see how the pieces of fabric come together when I’m quilting. BTW I completely understand your getting up early in retirement. You have choices!


  19. I love the peace I have while there is no one else around and just the sound of the machine~


  20. What a great intro blog! I love the direction your quilting is going- those new ideas, like “which way is up” are terrific.


  21. Christi says:

    I love your quilts!


  22. You sound very contented with your lot Velda, it is lovely to get to know more about you. One of the things I love most about quilting is the versatility. So many fabrics to mix and match, so many techniques to learn and blend. Like a big box of paints without the mess….. well, ok, a less permanent kind of mess.


  23. Hi Velda! I love your clothesline full of quilts! And yes, I’ve definitely moved toward modern, bright quilts, too! I’m with you–I’m in it for the fun textiles!!!


  24. Rochelle says:

    I love cutting fabric up and putting back together in different patterns and designs…..with lots of COLOR.


  25. annalutzbrown says:

    I have always loved being creative. ,wood paint, cloth,So now its quilting.I love the fabric old new bright and country…love it all.. But I also know I have to much and I need to sew more less shopping…. happyness04431@yahoo.com


  26. Nancy says:

    Lucky you to be retired and have hubby take over the household duties! I am juggling a lot of balls right now of things I have no control over so I love the fact that I have total control in quilting. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Ooh! I don’t think I have seen your “The Avenue” quilt before! I love that! I really like the name of your blog too. I fits your funny, quirky personality. Your blog is a lot of fun to read, Velda. 🙂


  28. Sarah J says:

    I too adore browsing fabrics… the colors, the prints, the collections (swoon). I also love creating things for others, and quilts can be such a personal and special gift. Oh, and I dream of the day I don’t have to cook dinner (and I can only cook when I want to!).


  29. Brenda~Songbird Designs says:

    Velda, it’s nice to meet you! I love your sense of humor! I love everything about quilting from picking fabric, designing the quilt, putting it together and then quilting it!! Oh, and did I mention touching the fabric??!!! I learn something new to improve my skills with each quilt I make and hope I always will!


  30. Thunder says:

    I love it all; picking fabrics, choosing designs/patterns, cutting, piecing, I even love binding !!
    I also spend too much time online drooling over fabric.


  31. Lisa says:

    I just love making things and getting better and loving the fabric and the modern designs. Like Carrie, I’m an introvert and I love to hang around by myself and work on stuff. But I do quilt in groups as well and work on loads of charity quilts as well.


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