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Couldn’t put my blog back together again!

Holy Heck Hermione! I was critiquing my blog and updating my theme when I nonchalantly, recklessly, foolishly, and oh so carelessly clicked a button to change the background color.  Imagine my distress when I realized  my pretty “Matala” theme page had turned a rusty orangey brown shade which is about my 227th favourite colour.

Panic ensued, with much moaning, wailing, angst, pulling of hair and general twitchiness. But there  was nothing I could do to restore it including going back to the WordPress Themes page and re-downloading the original theme.  Nope, nosireee Bob, my theme was really and truly gone.  Right after that was the moment when this story went from “really really bad” to “worst possible outcome ever”… I decided to preview new blog formats to see  if that would help.  Of course, I clicked “Activate and Save” before I realized exactly what happened next.

Here is what happened next.  I had a new theme which meant MY SIDEBAR DISAPPEARED, along with all its contents, including my disclaimer, my Instagram fed and all my pretty buttons. OHMYFREAKINGOODNESS. More crying, wailing, cussing and throwing of fits commenced.

So now, three hours later and here I am on a desperate quest to repair, replace and rewrite my sidebar.  Fingers crossed that this does not become a tale of murder, mayhem and gawdawfulness of a cosmic degree…



  1. lorindadavis says:

    Oh no! How stressful! I hope you gave yourself a break, got some chocolate and then got it all sorted out- it looks great to me today!


  2. Kate Heads says:

    Disaster. A lesson that we should all back up our blogs before making changes. Hope you get it sorted soon.
    Bestest smiles and biggest hugs to cheer you up
    Kate x


  3. God bless you. Ugh. I feel your pain. So sorry! And I say go ahead and cry because hey you’ve earned a good cry.


  4. Oh, I feel your pain (or did several months ago). I did the same thing not too long ago. I wish I knew a way to save a backup before diving into theme changes. If you learn one, can you share? The last theme change took me half a day to recover.


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