Things I love about Quilts and Quilting

There are about a gazillion reasons  I love quilts and quilt making, so I thought picking my favorites would be easy…but I WAS WRONG because, as it turns out,  the more reasons there are, the harder it is to pick the ones that are most important.  So after sitting here at my computer  for quite a while I decided my reasons (in no particular order) are:

They are beautiful in their imperfectness…don’t ever look too closely at any of my quilt creations. If you do you will see that each and every one has at least 3 flaws, (often more like 33); usually there is an upside down block, or fabric placed with stripes running the wrong way, or badly thought out colour placement. Here is a perfect example taken from my newest WIP, The Gypsy Wife.


This quilt is extremely forgiving, but if there is one thing that really, really upsets my apple cart, its when two samey-same-same fabrics end up side-by-each in a quilt.  Sigh… see how it happened here twice–in one little section of the quilt, first with the green bandana fabrics – and again with the red and blue stars.  Did I fix it? No I did not, because I am confident that when this journey is over, I will be the only one who notices it!

Reason 2 is Decorating.  There is nothing like a collection of quilts to make decorating your home your way a breeze.  For example at my house you will find quilts everywhere…including but not limited to 1) on the chairs in the TV watching room to snuggle under while watching an episode or 10 of “The Walking Dead”; 2) in the sunporch, perfect for those cool crisp mornings, when you want to have coffee outside, but there is a chill in the air; 3) in the window nook, just hanging out with my new pew (hahahha, that rhymes), and 4) in a pinch on my kitchen table, when unexpected company shows up and the kitchen tablecloth has a few too many crumbs.


As you can see, (because my hubby’s fish quilt shows up in a couple of these pics), we change them up quite often.

Creative Expression is a really good reason to love quilts.  I love love love color, although I am very poor at identifying it properly.  I often get shades/tones/hues of red, green, blue and purple mixed up – all of them, depending on the light, look brown sometimes.  Perhaps I don’t have enough colour pixels in my eyes.  Seriously folks its a problem for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve gone out in public wearing a olive green skirt and an eggplant sweater (or something similarly frightening), thinking I was wearing a nicely coordinated brown outfit. Don’t even get me started on my lipstick choices. I personally own about 100 different shades of pink/red lipstick which all look brown to me!     Anywhoo over the years I  have figured out that almost  any colours that show up in nature together will work together in a quilt.  For example… here is a photo I took last spring, and along side is a quilt top inspired by that photo.  I love the splashes of orange, red and teal colours from the twine and the brownish gray wooden curves from the traps.  And, I love the way the traps are stacked so neatly on the dock. That quilt practically made itself.

And last but certainly not least…

Socializing.  I love quilts and quilt making because it allows me to be find new friends and visit  with folks who have similar interests as mine.   Since moving to PEI in the summer of 2014, ALL of my new friends have come from either or both the Kindred Spirits Quilt Guild and the PEI Modern Quilt Guild. I’m such a lucky lady.

Leave me a comment about why you love quilts…I’d love to hear your reasons too.

Have an insanely creative and awe-inspiring day.










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  1. Joanne says:

    I heartily agree with all your reasons to love quilting! Your lobster trap-inspired quilt is beautiful.


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